Farming Simulator 22: How to teleport or reset a vehicle

Farming Simulator 22: How to teleport or reset a vehicle

Farming Simulator 25 is an excellent game, that helps you experience the real-life plans and struggles of running your very own farm. The exceptional realism makes this game one the best simulators you can possibly get: with so many decisions to make, different tasks to do, and options to not only grow your own crops but also animals to look after. But of course, the simulation aspect of this game can also be a bit of a problem. That’s simply because everything can get quite overwhelming.

One such example is your very own vehicle fleet. With all of them having plenty of tasks to do, you can easily find that some of your vehicles get stuck or lost. And just like that, some crucial tasks can be failed – and one failed task, be it plowing, sowing, fertilizing, or harvesting can have a massive negative long-term effect on your farm’s success.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to manage your vehicles, it’s important to know a few tricks that can help you override some of the realistic simulation features. While teleportation isn’t real – it sure can be very helpful. Let’s talk about how you can reset any Farming Simulator 25 vehicle, and how that can help you.

How to reset any Farming Simulator 25 vehicle

Why would you even need to reset a vehicle on Farming Simulator 25? There are many different situations that might call for such a solution. While some players strongly believe that doing so might mean cheating, or could even break the game, it’s actually very helpful. Say, for instance, you end up flipping your tractor. Or, as we experienced in the game, your vehicle simply gets stuck next to a tree or a structure and can’t move anymore. You can try using other machinery to get it unstuck, but due to wonky game physics, it’s not a guarantee that such a method would work.

In order to reset your vehicle on Farming Simulator 25, locate your map and find the vehicle that is currently stuck. At the bottom, you will find a reset button, and pressing it will reset the vehicle to the shop parking lot.

As for teleportation, there’s no built-in way to simply move the vehicle around. However, we suggest looking for FS25 vehicle moving or teleportation mods to do just that. Some users actually use the Super Strength mod to simply move them around with a mouse.

However, if you reset your vehicle, it’s worth remembering that you will also lose what’s currently in it. So, take great have of your harvesters and everything that carries a large amount of your produce. A regular in-game reset button absolutely works, but it can also mean loss of a lot of materials. That’s the price to pay for easy access and easy fixes. So, we also suggest taking a look at the massive selection of FS25 mods to search for alternatives as well – we got plenty of options on our site as well.

In order to find out more about teleporting and resetting vehicles on FS25, check out this video:


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