Farming Simulator 25 Follow Me Mod

Farming Simulator 25 Follow Me Mod

What is the Follow Me Mod

In this article, we will talk about one of the best mods in the Farming Simulator series – now making its way to the newest Farming Simulator 25 game. It’s the Follow Me mod, created by Decker_MMIV.

This is one of the few mods players recommend to download as soon as you decide to get into modding your game. But what does it actually do?

The Follow Me mod on FS25 lets you control several vehicles at once, making your work a lot more efficient. It works for tractors, trucks, and other machinery. If you have a bigger farm, this mod can save you a lot of time.

Follow Me Mod for FS25: Guide

In order to get the best out of this mod, you will first need to choose the leading vehicle. We suggest picking the vehicle that you’re currently driving. After you do that, you will have to get another vehicle, the one that will follow, right behind the leading vehicle.

Now, you’re ready to activate the Follow Me mod. With the mod fully installed and functional, all you have to do is to click the Right CTRL + F shortcut.

If this doesn’t work, there is most likely one common issue, that is very easy to fix. Just move the follower vehicle a bit closer to the leading vehicle. If this doesn’t work, move the leading vehicle slightly to the front. Soon enough, the Follow Me mod should work.

You don’t have to drive a vehicle in order to make it the leading vehicle. In fact, you can easily assign it to an AI worker. But we recommend setting everything up on your own before you start assigning the vehicles to AI.

In order to stop the following process, simply enter the Right CTRL + F shortcut again, and the process will stop.

How to set the distance on the Follow Me mod

Before you start to drive and activate either Courseplay or an AI worker, you need to set up the right distance to actually use this mod for productive work.

If you’re currently in the follower vehicle, a Right CTRL + W shortcut will get closer, and a Right CTRL + S shortcut will get back.

You can do the same thing if you’re currently in the leading vehicle. Make sure to turn around so you can see the follower vehicle, and use slightly different shortcuts. Right RIGHT SHIFT + W will get the vehicle closer, and the RIGHT SHIFT CTRL + S will make it move backwards.

The Follow Me mod also works well, even if the follower vehicle is actually physically in front of the leader vehicle: as you can see in this picture right here.

How to move the vehicle to the sides

In order to work efficiently, you will probably need the vehicles to be to your side. For example, your follower vehicle might be behind a forage harvester, or a combine. By making two vehicles move side-by-side, you can get the work done quicker.

If you are currently in the followers vehicle, a Right CTRL + A shortcut will move it to the left, and a Right CTRL + D shortcut will move it to the right.

In order to for the follower to get back behind the leader, use the Right CTRL + X shortcut, and to swap the sides, making a vehicle to the left go to the right and the other way around, use the Right CTRL + X shortcut again.

All the letters in the shortcuts do the same thing – basically, if you want to do the Follow Me mod commands from the leader vehicle, you will need to use the Right CTRL button, and from the follower, you’ll have to use the right Shift.

More Follow Me Mod commands

We have already covered the basic Follow Me mod commands – but there are actually a couple of other things you can do, in order to make your gameplay a little bit more convenient.

Right Shift + H is a pause button that will stop and start the Follow Me mod working, letting you readjust the positions.

The Right Shift + F mod will detach the vehicle that currently follows you.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Follow Me mod and just a few simple shortcuts.

  1. Big harvests, using several harvesters at once.
  2. Create a much more efficient silage process.
  3. Build a massive convoy of vehicles.

FS25 Follow Me mod – Tips and Details

The Follow Me mod is a huge part of many players’ routines. The moment your farm becomes successful, managing it becomes a real struggle. In fact, all of us here swear by this mod, and haven’t played a game without Follow Me activated for years.

However, there is one thing you should know – this mod can get very expensive to use. Even though the vehicles follow you automatically, you will need to pay the drivers on each of them.

The Follow Me mod is also not controlling any implements. They will have to be activated and lowered by you, all before putting the followers in their positions.

Here are some of the main details about the Follow Me mod:

  • Creator: Decker_MMIV
  • Category: Script Mods, Gameplay
  • Errors: None discovered
  • Platforms: Windows / Mac

Mod updates: Collision On/Off

The latest updates of the Follow Me mod focus on some fine tuning features. Now, you can fully turn off the collision detection sensor, which should remove the issue with flashing lights, when the vehicles are too close to one another.

For more information about this mod, and how it works, you can check it out on the F1 Help Menu in the game.

Follow Me Mod: How to download it?

In order to download the Follow Me mod, you can easily find and get it here on our website. Soon!

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Farming Simulator 25 supports game modding for PC, Xbox, or PS5. FS25 Mod may change your game from small to complete changes. Fans can create a Farming Simulator 25 mod file and share it with our community. When is a good time to try Farming Simulator 25 mods? We recommend starting to play a game with these FS25 mods after you finish the Farming Simulator 25 starting pack and you are bored with the game basics. So it's time to try new machines such as harvesters or tractors which are not included in the basic game version. As you already know Farming Simulator 25 developers support mods installation which will add more vehicles or lands to your game. Check our Best FS25 mods lists for PC, Mac, PS5 or Xbox Series. Just follow these simple steps: choose LS25 mods category, download the mod for Farming Simulator 2025 version, and install it into the FS 25 game mod folder. Remember, all Farming Simulator 25 Mods are free, and download as many as you want with no limits. We want to create one of the biggest Farming Simulator 25 Community to share FS25 mods databases.

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