Farming Simulator 25: How to hire workers

Farming Simulator 25: How to hire workers

If all the work on Farming Simulator 25 was manual, you would never be able to run a massive farm. Which is why you can hire the workers to do the hard and dirty work for you. It’s very easy – just press the H button on your PC (or a B on Xbox, or circle on Playstation.) When your prep for the work has finished, and you are inside the machine in the starting position, just press the button – and the work will start.

You can even start the work yourself. Whenever you’re ready to move on, this magical button will give you a worker to pick up on your work.

The workers get automatically dismissed once the main task is over. Depending on what the job is, and when during the day the task is taking place, the worker will get anywhere from $50 to $100 a day each.

  • Your workers will get paid no matter if there are any issues with the process. So, if your worker can’t finish the task because an object is blocking the path, work won’t get done: but your worker will still get paid.
  • There’s a chance your worker might actually refuse the task. However, you can do a nice workaround: just wait for them to start working, and then add the tasks you want them to do in the line.
  • Make sure to pay attention to how your fields are plotted. If there is only a very small strip of land separating two different fields, your worker might accidentally start working on the field you don’t want to use. That can be harmful: avoid it.
  • Several workers can work on the same field next to one another. But if you have too many, they will get in each other’s way. And they’re not very fast – so with more workers, the work can actually get slower.
  • Workers won’t work faster than their machines and the same limitations apply. If the tractor is weaker than the thing they’re pulling, workers won’t work quickly.
  • Cruise control can help you limit how fast the workers move. If two workers have different speed machines, working on the same field, we recommend making the faster machine slower, so everything works at the same pace. Super fast sprayers and spreaders will lose some of their substance as well, so when the AI workers are assigned, it makes sense to go slower.


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