Farming Simulator 25 Make Money With Pigs

Farming Simulator 25 Make Money With Pigs

Farming Simulator 25 lets you make money in many different ways – and raising livestock is a great way to do so. They can be sold as animals, and also help you grow crops. The best example is pigs – as they are also a great source of natural fertilizer.

In this article, we will take a closer look at raising pigs, the things you need to do and have, as well as the best pig money making techniques.


In order to raise pigs, you will need to start with their stables. Here are the options you can choose to grow pigs on FS25:

  • Pasture. Holding up to 30 animals, it’s a good option to breed more pigs.
  • Barn. With a maximum capacity of 108 animals, it’s a good option for producing slurry and manure.
  • Large barn. This is the biggest and the most efficient option, with a maximum capacity of up to 270 pigs. It works best if you have a large farm with a big demand for fertilizer.

Once the stables are purchased and fully functional, it’s important to deal with the possible maintenance challenges. You will have to feed the pigs, of course, as well as make sure they have a stable supply of water. Your feed capacity will be 9,500 liters, and the water capacity will be 3,000 liters.

The barns all have silos. On the regular barn, you will be able to hold up to 34 cubic meters (34,000 liters) of feed. You can also sprinkle up to 15 cubic meters of straw, which is required to make manure. And, just like in the previous game, the manure storage tank is no longer conveniently unlimited. Now, the manure tank has a maximum capacity of 51,300 liters.

The large barn, of course, is bigger than the regular barn in all circumstances. You will be able to have 85 cubic meters (85,000 liters) of feed, 45 cubic meters (45,000 liters) of straw, and your manure tank will hold up to 128,250 liters.

Purchasing pigs on FS25

On FS25, you will be able to purchase pigs from your local friendly neighborhood animal dealer. Just make sure to have a truck that is suitable for caring animals. But if not, you will simply be charged an additional delivery fee.

Here are the pigs you can buy on Farming Simulator 25:

  • Bentheim pig (0 months old) – 200
  • Bentheim pig (6 months old) – 416
  • German noble pig (0 months old) – 200
  • German noble pig (6 months old) – 416
  • Berkshire pig (0 months old) – 200
  • Berkshire pig (6 months old) – 416

Caring for pigs

If you want the best possible profits, you will need to make sure the pigs are cared for properly. This starts with feeding, and a correct mixing ratio. Luckily, pigs on FS25 eat pretty much anything you can grow. This includes things like barley, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, maize, sunflowers, potatoes, sorghum, and sugar beets.

What’s the best mix for pigs to get the best results on FS25? Here are the best options to choose if you want you feeding to work the best:

  • Corn and sorghum: 50% effectiveness
  • Wheat and barley: 25% effectiveness
  • Soybeans, rapeseed, and sunflower: 20% effectiveness
  • Potatoes and sugar beets: 5% effectiveness

If you don’t have the best crops available to you at some point, you can also simply purchase the feed. The dealer will charge extra, but it might be worth it for convenience. 1,000 liters will cost you 1,000.

What to use the pigs for?

Pigs on Farming Simulator 25 can be useful in many different ways. After they give birth to more piglets, you can sell them to the animal dealer, or keep growing your group and use it to get more slurry and manure for your plants. Plenty of manure can fertilize a lot of fields, giving you better harvests.

In order to create manure of FS25, you will also need to have a steady supply of straw, which is a crucial ingredient. In order to start the production, a manure heap has to be purchased, as well as placed somewhere close to the barn. This heap can be massive, with the maximum capacity of an insane 4 million liters of manure.

This production can be ramped up even more. Under the “Silo extensions” section of the “Building” tab, you can purchase and build a 500,000, or even a 2.6 million liter slurry tank.

This slurry can be used for more than just fertilizing your fields. Any leftover slurry can be sold to the biogas plant, offering you yet another way to make money with pigs on FS25.

Reproducing the pigs

On FS25, animals reproduce pretty easily and quickly. The animal’s health has to be over 0%, and this increase happens once every 6 months. To keep the animals in good health, keep them at the pasture with enough room, make sure to feed them well, and have enough water available. You will make more money from bigger and more mature animals, so maintain a young group. Sell the older animals, make money, and reinvest it back to keep your farm younger. This will get you a stable source of income you can use for your other farming adventures.

Farming Simulator 25 Mods

What is Farming Simulator 25 mods used for

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