How to install Farming Simulator 25 Mods

Are you using a PC or a Mac and look to install Farming Simulator 25 mods? It’s very simple to do it, as most mods are compressed into easily accessible ZIP files. All you need to do is to move them into the game’s mod folder.

Here are the easy steps to install your FS25 mods – starting with PC.

How to install Farming Simulator 25 Mods on PC

  1. Locate your downloaded mod ZIP files: they should be in your Downloads folder, or any other designated folder for your online downloads.
  2. Copy the ZIP file, using either a right-click, or a CTRL+C keyboard shortcut.
  3. Locate your mods folder. It’s usually located in C:\Users\[Your name]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2025\mods
  4. Open this folder, and simply paste into your mod’s ZIP file.

If your game is a German version, the names of the folders will be different.

  1. First, find the Zip files that you’ve downloaded. (Usually, you’ll have them in your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder.)
  2. Copy or cut the chosen file.
  3. Next, find your mods folder. Normally, it’s located here: C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2025\mods (or Landwirtschafts Simulator 2025 folder name)
  4. Open it and simply paste the Zip file.

Don’t forget that the folder names for the German version are a little bit different.

However, ZIP files are only one type of file that mods come in. There are two other types – let’s take a quick look at how they differ.

  1. ZIP – just copy the mod file into the Farming Simulator 25 mod folder. (location was mentioned above)
  2. RAR – this is another type of compressed file, somewhat similar to ZIP. It usually includes several other files put into one. Inside, you will find either a ZIP file. In order to open a RAR file, you will need to use some type of archive manager software. Consider using a program such as WinRAR, which should make this process as simple as it gets. Just by clicking a couple of buttons, your RAR file will get converted into a simple folder.

In certain cases, you might find mods where the ZIP file will be stored inside yet another ZIP file. The ZIP file might even include a RAR file. If that happens, you will need to extract the ZIP folder with software such as 7-Zip. This will let you reach the compressed files and then find out exactly how you should proceed with your mod installation.

And for one last tip, don’t forget to check the boxes next to the installed mods before loading an existing game save or starting a new game.

How to install FS25 Mod (ZIP file) on Mac OS X?

Farming Simulator 25 mods on Mac OS X come in ZIP files. You can install them on your computer without extracting the files, and simply copying them to the right folder. It should be this one:

/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2025/mods

If you have downloaded Farming Simulator 25 from the App Store, the folder will be a little different, but it should still be pretty easy to find:

~/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2025/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2025/mods

Video Tutorial: How To INSTALL FS25 Mods


How to fix Farming Simulator 25 mods not working or not showing up in game

Are your game mods not working properly or not showing up on the ModHub? There are a few easy causes and possible fixes:

  • Make sure that your Farming Simulator 25 copy is up to date.
    • Your mods might not work because the copy of your game doesn’t match the latest updated version. Update your game, if there’s an update available.
  • Your game might have corrupted files or code.
    • Delete and reinstall your copy of the game. This will flush all the files, update your game to the latest version, and help remove most of the possible issues.
  • If all else fails, it might be that ModHub is currently not working – for everyone.
    • Wait for GIANTS Software to fix it. Look up forums and Reddit to see if that could be the case.

Following these steps should sort out most of the mod install issues happening with the game. For PS4 and PS5 users, Farming Simulator 22 had an issue, where the console version of the game was one version behind the PC one. That caused some issues with the ModHub compatibility. If you’re using a console, there’s a good chance that mods might be an issue of FS25 as well. It’s an easier fix on PC – making it a primary option for all FS25 mods.

Why should you install Farming Simulator 25 mods?

Farming Simulator 25 is a wonderfully immersive game, transports you into the life of a real-life farmer. However, as you might imagine – farming is difficult. If you want to be the best version of the farmer you can possibly become, top tools and resources are absolutely crucial. With FS25 mods, you can do just that.

These simply updates, created by dedicated developers give you an opportunity to use different types of equipment and things to make the game a lot more interesting. Use the mods to open up opportunities, it’s impossible for the players who use the basic version! Get the best vehicles, make gameplay changes, or even alter the game to make it ever more realistic.

Mods for Farming Simulator 25 are completely free: so don’t miss out on the opportunity to try them out on your copy of the game. With the best mods, you will be amazed at the opportunities they open up: even if you played the game before. It’s like a whole new world! We put together a simple and convenient way to install your LS 25 mods so that modifying your FS 2025 game would be completely effortless. If you’re looking to make your game feel new again: or improve it, and make it a lot better – you can do so by easily installing some FS25 mods.

Mods for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2025 are completely free and made by dedicated individual developers, who are passionate in improving this already excellent game. You can install as many of these mods as you like. All you need to do is to follow the simple installation instructions on our website and lift up your gaming experience instantly. Most of the mods are used by the gamers to improve on the day-to-day activities, broadening the horizons of the game and helping anyone build just the type of farm and business they wish to create. Don’t wait for much longer – this process takes just a few minutes, download Farming Simulator 2025 mods and get started.

Playing with mods is the way this game is meant to be played – the modding community has been creating new content for years, and there’s plenty of updates, new vehicles, and gameplay changes to choose from. If you ever thought of something this game series should improve, chances are, someone has already built the solution. Download your mods for Farming Simulator 25 now!

Farming Simulator Mods FAQ

What is a Farming Simulator 25 mod?

A Farming Simulator 25 mod (or a modification, which is longer-term) is a fan-created add-on for the original farming game. It can include vehicles, combines, trucks, scripts, and even brand-new maps: all of which slightly alter or massively improve the gameplay.

What mods are there in the Farming Simulator games?

There are plenty of mods in Farming Simulator games. You can add different vehicles, machinery, and tools. There are options for completely brand new maps, as well as game scripts that change the gameplay, letting you play Farming Simulator the way you want it.

Are the FS25 mods free?

Yes, FS25 mods are completely free. You can download and use the mods free of charge.

How to install a FS25 mod?

Every single FS25 mod you install and want to use has to be added in your game’s mods folders. We have included a guide to help you find the right folder for your PC, or Mac OS X version

Why are so many FS25 mods available only on PC?

Most FS25 mods are PC only because of regulations placed by Sony and Microsoft, the two major console makers, and certain mods don’t meet them to be allowed on these consoles. On PC, GIANTS Software also accepts mods that are similar to the licensing partners of the company.

Where can I find and download Farming Simulator 25 mods?

On this page, you’ll find the biggest FS25 mods community: with the mods updated every day. You can get started by browsing our latest FS25 mods collection.