Growing fruit on Farming Simulator 25

Growing fruit on Farming Simulator 25

Are you tired of your farm growing nothing but basic money crops? Do you want beautiful orchards with ripe fruit hanging from the branches of the trees? On Farming Simulator 25, you can grow fruit – and do just that. In this small guide, we’ll talk more about this topic.

As of right now, on FS25 you can only grow grapes and olives. What’s even more, there’s plenty of work you will need to do. It won’t grow by itself, and a lot of attention will be required.

You will have to start, obviously, by picking out a suitable plot of land. Prepare it for the fruit trees, using the available option in the Construction menu. Then, the fun part begins – cultivating the soil, planting, and spraying. You might have to purchase new tools if you don’t have them yet. There are some specialty tools available for harvesting as well.

Growing fruit trees on FS25 is time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication. But the end result is a wonderful orchard, and plenty of produce for you to use.

What can you do with the fruit in FS25?

If your olive or grape harvest has been successful, you will be left with plenty of produce. What to do now?

Both of these products are a part of the production chain. So you can not only sell them as they are but make other things as well. Olives get you olive oil, and grapes can make both juice and raisins.

For more information about growing fruit on FS25, check out this video:


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