Baling straw from harvested Wheat in FS25

Baling straw from harvested Wheat in FS25

After every wheat harvest, you will find your fields completely covered with straw. While wheat is the main attraction and the reason why you’re working your field – straw can also be very useful. First of all, it can still be sold separately at the barn, although at a much lower price than wheat. It’s also very useful for animal pens, as pigs, horses, and cows require straw bedding. Last but not least, straw is a very important resource for making Total Mixed Ration for your cows.

If you don’t pick up your straw in time, and use the same field to do some plowing or cultivation, the straw will disappear. In order to maximize profit and benefits, picking up straw can be a real asset to your farm.

With all that, it’s important to properly collect and transport your straw. We’ll get right into the main conclusion: baling straw on Farming Simulator 25 is the best way to transport it. That’s because this way, straw takes up a lot of less space, compared to when it’s fully loose.

After your wheat harvest is done, you will need machinery to do the job. To be exact, you will need a tractor and a separate baler. In our situation, we have decided to go full Massey Ferguson, using a MF 3670 tractor and a MF 1840 HB baler to do the job. This specific baler cost us 22,000, but you can get good options from companies like SIPMA for something like 15,000.
After the bales are created, you need to find a way to transport them. For that, choose a tractor with a flatbed trailer. Depending on the size of the bales, you can either pick them up by hand, or will need to use machinery to load them onto a trailer. Then, you can use the straw whatever way you see fit – and enjoy your free resources that would otherwise go to waste.

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