How to sell hay Bales in Farming Simulator 25

How to sell hay Bales in Farming Simulator 25

Are you looking to go deeper into the secrets of Farming Simulator 25? If that’s the case, then you should definitely learn more about bales – one of the most effective and efficient feed options in the game. They’re also very financially beneficial, and you can easily turn your green grass field into green on your bank account.

Let’s take a look at how everything works:

Where to sell bales

First and foremost, before selling bales of FS25, you need to find out where to view them. That’s actually very simple: just go to the southern part of the map, and find the Heating Plant. There, just locate the corner entrance and go to the building – this is where you can sell your bales.

For more information on bales, and how to sell bales on FS25, check out this video:

We hope that this article and the video was helpful – and you found out all you need to know on how to sell your bales.

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