Farming Simulator 25: Everything You Need To Know

Farming Simulator 25: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we will go through some of the basics of FS25, and look at the announced and expected changes from the Farming Simulator 22 game.

  • DLC expansions: here you’ll find all the information related to the expansions of FS25.
  • FS22 vs. FS25 – similarities and differences: here we’ll cover what changed between the game releases.
  • Seasons: we provide information about the in-game seasons, including tips on managing your crop calendar, and when to plant your fruits, vegetables, and crops. This also covers the winter season.
  • Production chains: what are production chains, what products do they include? And how can you build them to help you grow your farm and make more money? We cover it all in this chapter.
  • Orders and contracts: they’re a great pick for beginners, as you will get NPC tasks and missions that will help you progress. It might get distracting to do both this, and upkeep your farm – but it’s a wonderful method to make some more money.
  • Secrets: just like the previous game, Farming Simulator 25 maps will include Secrets, an optional additional gameplay element that should inspire players to go out and explore their maps to find possible benefits!

Learn more about these things in Farming Simulator 25:

  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Refilling tanks
  • How to get a bank loan and pay it off
  • How to get infinite money on the game
  • How to grow grass
  • Multiplayer mode, and how to play it
  • How to save and safely quit the game
  • Comparisons of different difficulty levels
  • Fast travel and teleport on the game
  • Sleeping and rewinding time

Farming Simulator 25: FAQ

Let’s talk about the frequently asked questions about Farming Simulator 25:

  • How to make buildings in the game?
  • How to combine trailers together?
  • How to fix the issue with the trailer not unloading?
  • Where should you sell the products?
  • How to not destroy the fields with your wheels?
  • Installing a tractor loader: the basics
  • How to fix the flickering shadow issue?

Farming Simulator 25: The fieldwork

Fieldwork is one of the most important things in the whole Farming Simulator game: so we will dedicate this section to talking exclusively about the preparation and cultivation.

As you might expect, you need to do a lot of the jobs there, including plowing, cultivating, weeding, and dowing the fields – as well as planting. In Farming Simulator 22, new mechanics were introduced to increase the immersion and complexity of the game: like changing fertilization rates, and cleaning up stones that could cause trouble to your machinery. Here are the main FS25 fieldwork activities:

  • Managing fields: learn how to manage your purchased land to create and remove cultivated fields.
  • Liming: different crops require different pH, and liming is crucial to get the right balance on your new fields.
  • Decontamination: it’s a new feature from FS22 that will stay in FS25. Decontamination means cleaning up your fields from stones, using special machinery. Doing so will make the farming process a lot more efficient.
  • Plowing: a basic farming activity, plowing is a process of preparing your fields for sowing. It’s fully optional for cereals, but a must for growing root plants. It’s slower than cultivation.
  • Cultivation: It’s a yet another prep process, letting you rake, level, and aerate your field to get ready for the sowing. With the right equipment, you can do cultivation together with fertilizing and sowing, helping you save time.
  • Planting and sowing: it’s all about the process of planting vegetables and sowing cereals. You can find information on the equipment and the products on this post.
  • Weeding: various weeds contaminating your perfect field is the natural part of the farming process. By changing growth rate techniques and working with narrow-wheeled machinery you will be able to remove the weeds causing issues to your crops.
  • Fertilization: there are many tools and methods to fertilize your fields on FS25.
  • Mulching: it’s a technique that lets you cut off the stems of the plants after you harvest them and turn them into mulch. This mulch helps improve the output from your next crop.
  • Rolling: this is a method that helps you push the small stones into the ground. Rolling also improves your grass condition, and doing it on the sown soil slightly increases the yield of your crop.

Farming Simulator 25: Growing fruits

Fruit growing was first introduced only on Farming Simulator 22: only letting you grow grapes and olives. To do that, you would need to create a separate orchard on your field and use specialty equipment. It’s a process a little different from growing other crops, making it an exciting addition. Fruit growing is also a part of the production chains.

The feature for growing fruits is expected to be massively expanded on Farming Simulator 25  – letting you grow even more fruits and specialize your farm even further.

Farming Simulator 25: Animal Husbandry

Farming Simulator 25 offers many different animal species for you to grow and breed. The chickens are definitely the easiest animal to breed, letting you easily add a different revenue stream to your farm. You can also go even further, growing cows and pigs.

Animal husbandry lets you benefit in many different ways. You can not only sell the animals, but also sell their meat and milk, as well as use their manure to fertilize your fields. This aspect of the game is heavily updated in the FS25 release – one of the top ways to get the best out of the game is to use the animals to your advantage.

  • Pigs. They are amazing at helping you get fertilizer. With pigs, you will require a lot of feed, but if you are efficient enough, it’s a great way to boost your farm on the cheap.
  • Cows. You will need to spend a lot of time and attention to build a sustainable cow farm. With a balanced diet, you will be able to have a solid dairy and/or meat operation.
  • Chickens. There is very little effort involved in making a good chicken farm, and the resources required are pretty small. The payoff is also pretty small, but eggs work perfectly in production chains.
  • Sheep. With production chains, you can sell wool and milk from your sheeps, making this a very smooth operation. Sheep husbandry is a profitable option to choose – but there is very little use from their manure as a fertilizer.

Farming Simulator 25: Timber industry

Wood industry has progressed a lot in the past couple of games. It’s also expected to be a major part of FS25. Timber is a very useful material to use on production chains, so there’s a lot more to do than simply chop down some trees and drag them into the selling station. You can have a solid timber business that actually makes things!

Farming Simulator 22: Hay, grass, and silage

Grass in Farming Simulator comes in many different forms and can do several different functions. Let’s take a look at grass processing: mowing grass, finding employees to do that, and options for getting silage and hay. We will also look at baling, and how this method makes transportation and selling easier.

  • Grass moving: find out about different techniques for grass mowing, the required equipment, and the best places to get all the grass you need.
  • Drying and raking hay: find out where to get hay, and how to turn grass into hay by drying.
  • Silaging: silage has a high market price and it’s extremely valuable as animal feed. You can make it yourself, by simply wrapping the bales with grass or storing the grass in prisms.
  • Baling: grass transportation can be an absolute pain. Store it into bales for maximum convenience! It’s a lot more efficient but requires investment into equipment and resources. Baling is slow at first as well – but at the end, it’s the best way to transport grass to sell.

Farming Simulator 25: Achievements and trophies

Exactly like in the earlier Farming Simulator releases, Farming Simulator 25 will include a vast list of awards and achievements you can get while you play.

Farming Simulator 25: Will There Be A Collector’s Edition?

The Collector’s Edition was a successful release in the previous Farming Simulator game, offering no additional in-game features, but getting the players some physical memorabilia.
We expect Farming Simulator 25 to offer a Collector’s Edition release as well, adding similar physical memorabilia benefits to the buyers.
There was also a pre-order bonus for everyone who bought the game before the release. We believe the same will happen on Farming Simulator 25 as well.

Farming Simulator 25: Manufacturers and brands

We expect Farming Simulator 25 to have more than 100 different companies and brands featured in the game. The full list is not yet available, and is even expected to expand even after the FS25 release. Expect some of the biggest names in agriculture, as well as some companies that are not directly related to agriculture – but make machines that can help you work on your farm.

Here are some of the brands that are pretty much guaranteed to be in FS25: John Deere, New Holland, Case IH, DEUTZ-FAHR, CLAAS, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Zetor, Valtra, Kaweco, Zetor, Mack Trucks, Unia, SaMASZ, Kuhn, Lode King, Manitou, Berthoud, Hardi, Hormann, Ponnse, Fuhrmann, Provitis, Palfinger.

Farming Simulator 25: System requirements

Farming Simulator has never been a game, requiring you to have a higher-end PC. This is not expected to change in FS25 as well. The most important thing is that your machine runs Windows 10 and has a 64-bit architecture.

This is what the requirements were for the previous version of the game, released in 2021:

  • Operating systems: Windows 10 64-bits, MacOS 10.14
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 or AMD FX-8320
  • RAM: at least 8 GB
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, AMD Radeon R7 265 (min. 2 GB VRAM)
  • Disk space: at least 35 GV, Macos 70 GB

We expect that you should be able to play FS25 on a mid-range computer running hardware from 2018. You can find out more about the specifications on our FS25 system requirements article.

There is no season pass pre-order for PS?

There is no season pass for Farming Simulator available on Playstation. It should be available immediately after the game is released.

Should I buy FS22 or wait for FS25?

You can get excellent gameplay on FS22, and you don’t need to wait for FS25 to get all the best features. That’s because there are a lot of extra mods on FS that can make your gameplay a lot better. If you’re looking for some certain improvements on FS25, mods might deliver it already!

Is there crossplay on Farming Simulator?

Yes, there is crossplay on Farming Simulator that can let you play together with people who own the game on different platforms.

Can you turn off Seasons in Farming Simulator?

You can turn seasons off in a way, it’ll stop preventing you from planting but the seasons will still occur

Do you need a next-gen console for the best Farming Simulator performance?

You might need to turn down your settings on the older consoles and will have a reduced slot count compared to the new consoles. However, machinery and maps are said to be more efficient so you should see an increase in that regard.

Will there be any improvements to the helpers on Farming Simulator 25?

No information has been released on any specific improvements on the helpers for Farming Simulator 25

Will there be GPS in FS25?

It’s not confirmed whether there will be GPS in FS25. However, there are plenty of mods that can help you get GPS on your Farming Simulator game.


  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S/X
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • PC
  • Mac

Release date:

Autumn of 2024

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