FS25 Gameplay Analysis showed: GPS is Official!

FS25 Gameplay Analysis showed: GPS is Official!

Today the First Gameplay of Farming Simulator 25 was revealed, so let’s analyze all coming features and begin with the most exciting new: GPS!

Farming Simulator 25 GPS & HUD

Gameplay HUD showed that GPS will be a part of Farming Simulator 25! We have waited for so long and finally, we will be able to use GPS in Farming Simulator 25. What does it mean? It means we don’t need a mod to have! It will save you fuel and your farming tasks will be done faster.

What is more, Giants showed another improvement: fill level above the tachometer and the fill type in the dashboard will let you know what is being loaded. Other information such as repair and tank bars are included too. However, we do not see any changes in the gear shift system. Working hours are planned to be only 999.9 for the devices, but the bigger number will not fit the display. And finally, the well-known HUD will show you the current weather, month, time, time factor, and account balance. The dashboard color from the blue was changed to green this time.

It’s time to seed RICE!

The most new feature is rice cultivation. The gameplay footage shows that the rice seedlings are growing in greenhouses and you can’t buy seed pallets. It means that it will take time to grow rice in your field. Water is needed to grow your rice, and you will need 5,000 liters of water in your greenhouse to grow seedlings. By the way, the pallet can be transported with a front loader. Fendt tractor with a Quicke front loader and Albutt pallet fork was used for this task in the gameplay.


New ISEKI Planting Machine

The ISEKI PRJ8D seeding machine was filled with rice seedlings used to harvest rice fields in gameplay. This planting machine can fit 25 liters, but the pallet of seedlings only has 24 liters, so it means 98% of the filling level reached. You can see the water moving while the machine goes through, making the game so realistic! The ISEKI PRJ8D an 8-row machine can plant rice seedlings at speeds up to 6km/h.


How to harvest rice

If your rice is ready to be harvested, you will need a new machine ISEKI HJ6130 harvester. The first time, this type of harvester was shown in gameplay that can pick up all rice. This harvester has his own container to store rice. It’s super efficient, there is no need tractor to drive and collect your rice. ISEKI HJ6130 harvester working speed is up to 8km/h and harvest can be sold at a profit.

Long Grain Rice

Another type of rice called “Long Grain Rice” was shown in the FarmCom 25 game footage. You will need a new New Holland CR 11 harvester to harvest dry rice. This harvester working speed of 10km/h and can be sold in the same way as grain. No more possibilities of this machine were shown in this gameplay, but I hope to see more details of the event.

First look at GPS in gameplay


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