Farming Simulator 25: Machines & Equipment

Farming Simulator 25: Machines & Equipment

GIANTS Software has published the press release with cinematic trailer and some in-game images from Farming Simulator 25. From this, So let’s review specific machines and equipment that will be released in the basic game version.

New Holland CR11

The first machine of the Farming Simulator will be the New Holland CR 11 harvester. According to the brand, the new CR11 has 775 hp power with a 20,000-liter grain tank! Thanks to a new straw and chaff management system, the combine can spread crops over a width of 18 meters, and cutting width works around 15 meters.

Case IH AF11 harvester

The second Case IH AF11 combine should be also included, this huge machine has power 775 hp engine. The same capacity of 20,000 liters and is as powerful as the previous New Holland.

Fendt 728 Vario Gen 7

We looked to two harvestrs and it’s time for tractors. The most popular tractor modification in older Farming Simulator 22 was the Fendt 728 Vario, so it’s must have in Farming Simulator 25 for sure! The best one of the Gen. 7 series does a great job in the field. The engine has 223 kW or 303 hp power, the main reason that this tractor is so loved is because it can manage all tasks for medium or even large farms.

Fendt 728 Vario has a seed drill made by the Polish manufacturer MZURI WORLD Sp. z oo. You can see the Pro-Til 4TX seed drill in the screenshots below, which has a working width of 4 meters and can be reduced down to 2.95 m on the road if needed. The split tank holds seed and fertilizer. The seed drill requires power of 200 hp, which is an easy task for this amazing Fendt 728 Vario tractor.

Massey Ferguson 9S

The Massey Ferguson 9S was already presented at Agritechnica 2023. This tractor will officially be included in Farming Simulator 25. You can watch a video below about this new tractor which was published by GIANTS Software.

The new Massey Ferguson MF 9S. Experience the new Flagship of the famous brand in an exclusive preview at Agritechnica.

Claas Xerion 12.650

It’s time to talk about a big tractor when you have heavy tasks and a huge field is waiting. So you will need a new Claas Xerion model, and it comes in two options. One is the Xerion 12.590 Terra Trac, which has an engine of 430 kW with 585 hp power, and the second is the Xerion 12.650 Terra Trac with 653 hp power or 480 kW! This tractor model’s prices start at €700,000 in-game. What is more, it has attached weight with a 3.4 tonne in front, the same as it was in Farming Simulator 22, and it has a tow rope too.

Case Quadtrac 715

Case Quadtrac 715 is also a new crawler tractor, which was shown in the CGI trailer premiere a few days ago. It is the most powerful tractor with 778 hp power, this heavy tractor and attach any implements to do a job in any small or large field! Crawler tracks cause the least damage to the soil.

John Deere S7

Everyone who plays Farming Simulator knows that the John Deere brand is the most favored in farming and in the game. John Deere S7 900 harvester was seen in the premier video too, so we are sure that we will be able to drive this super powerful machine with 625 hp power and a capacity is 14,100 liters in the grain tank. Another large combine from John Deere is coming to the LS25 which is the X9 model and more power with 700 hp!


Cultivator by SUMMERS Superchisel

The 18 meter wide Superchisel is probably shown in the FS25 trailer too. This equipment is produced by the US company SUMMERS from North Dakota. They are strong at creating equipment such as stone pickers, rollers, and cultivators. I am sure that more American brands will be in the Farming Simulator 25.

ÜLW: J&M Graincart

J&M. Manufacturing Co., Inc., second an American brand, manufactures header wagons, seed trailers, and loading wagons.

Aprilia RX 125

The real star became the Aprilia RX 125 motocross bike in the latest Farming Simulator 25 cinematic trailer. I am sure that this two-wheeler vehicle will be in the “Miscellaneous” category of the Farming Simulator 25 shop. As you know already, we will have an Asian map in the game Motorcycles are very common in Asia region, as it allows you to quickly reach your farm to check rice fields.

MacDonald Pack

The game pre-order images show that the MacDon Pack will be included as a gift pack if you pre-order game now. MacDon M1240 and the MacDon R216 SP mower will be included in this pack at the beginning. I hope it will come as the DLC later if you do not pre-order the game now. The MacDon machines can be used to mow grass or hay and lay into a swath at the same time.

ISEKI PR/PRJ rice machine

As I mentioned above, the first time a new Asian region comes to Farming Simulator 25 rice will be a new crop type in the game. So we will need new machines and equipment to work with rice fields that we never had before and the ISEKI PR/PRJ Series is exactly what we need to work in rice fields. This machine is manufactured by the Japanese agricultural machinery company ISEKI & CO., LTD. Asian rice landscape was shown so many times in the latest cinematic trailer that we are 100% sure that it is real a new feature in the game.


Amazing machines, new brands, and new types of equipment are going to be released in the new Farming Simulator 25. If you want a more detailed review of what are the new brands going to be in the game, I recommend watching a video by Farmer cop below.



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