Top 10 Best Maps Mods for Farming Simulator 25

Top 10 Best Maps Mods for Farming Simulator 25

What maps will be there on Farming Simulator 25?

As any big Farming Simulator fan would know – late 2024 is when the Farming Simulator 25 era begins. This is also the time when all the latest FS25 mods start coming out, and everyone in the community is looking forward to that.

In this article, we will take a look at all the latest information related to the map mods. Hopefully, you will be able to find the options that suit your desired gameplay the best. These map mods are all different, offering various challenges and features, making the game significantly more fun. If you’re still using the vanilla maps from the previous game, these FS25 map mods are about to seriously impress you. The most experienced Farming Simulator players usually have their own favorite third-party mods – some even editing and fine tuning them to better suit their game. If that sounds interesting to you, download these map mods yourself!

The best way to get started with the map mods, is to check out our website for the database of all the best LS 25 maps currently available. With just a few clicks and a little bit of research, you should be able to elevate your playing experience and make your Farming Simulator gameplay even better, using custom fields or lands. And we know that we’ve spoken a lot already – but the best way of finding out if the map works for you is by using it. The same goes for just about any mod: your gameplay can be massively improved, but there’s a different correct combination for each player.

But of course, everyone is busy and there’s not enough time in the words to test all the LS25 maps mods, let alone all the available mods in the game. So, while we seriously encourage you to check out our website for many of the available FS25 maps mods, we also offer you a curated list of some of our favorite maps mods for the latest FS25 game. These are the maps that will make your FS25 gameplay great, and give you plenty of top advantages against your fellow players:

Farming Legend

Chat with an experienced player, or go through some expert forums, and you’ll probably hear of one legendary FS map mod. It’s so legendary, it’s even in the name! Called Farming Legend, this mod drastically improves your overall gameplay experience. Focusing on realism, this modification does plenty of small things that aim to replicate a real-world farming experience.

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic is combined, amenities such as restaurants are added, helping you feel like your farm is more connected to the outside world. The mod goes even further, getting options for trading grains, and using different transportation options, such as trains, chairlifts, or actual boats. It’s an amazing map mod to the base game that makes it look more realistic, and feel more complete. If you ever wanted your Farming Simulator to do more, this is one of the best FS25 map mods to pick.

The Old Farm Countryside

The Old Farm Countryside FS25 map mod is one of the best ways to add functionality to your game. It helps you get more out of your farm – and focus on producing, not just selling. For example, this mod lets you make dairy products, as well as create pig or cow food mixers, and use woodcutters. If that sounds like extra functionality that could make the FS25 gameplay more interesting, use this mod and make your experience even more interesting.


Are you a problem solver? Do you establish your successful farm on Farming Simulator and then immediately get bored? If so – try out Oberkrebach, a mod focusing on the real challenges experienced by farmers in harsher climate countries. Hostile landscapes and horrible weather conditions make success taste even sweeter. You can also use this mod to choose to grow any or all of the available animals – cows, pigs, sheep, and chicken. There are also options for horses as well. If you’re looking for a good weather challenge and want to focus on animal husbandry, Oberkrebach is the FS25 map mod for you.

No Man’s Land

No neighbors, no contracts, no pressure, and no help – No Man’s Land is map mod focused on an empty plot of land somewhere between France and Spain. It’s located in complete wilderness, leaving you to fight for yourself. This mod has been popular for years now, and known to the general audience all the way since LS11. Bigger and better than before, the new version of No Man’s Land offers a large plot of land that you can use to grow sunflowers, poppies, or just about anything you want, pushing you to the limit and helping you see just how much external help you need to succeed.

Griffin Indiana 25

The Midwest is USA’s breadbasket – and the star of the Griffin Indiana 25 mod. Choose between three different sizes of land: grow maize, winter wheat, and soybeans, as well as use new interesting vehicles, three different sawmills, make wood chips and bales. There are plenty of small additions that make this FS25 mod a very interesting one to play. Did we mention that there’s a local legend? Don’t be surprised if you accidentally start hearing stories about Bigfoot! It’s a great map mod that leans into American culture, and makes the farming experience engaging, new, and fun.


You’ve heard of farming ON the ground: but what if you farmed UNDER the ground? The Dreisternhof FS25 map mod is the perfect option if you’re looking to explore the good old extracting businesses. Extract coal, stone, soil, limestone, or plain old water. Look for options to go even further and extract gold! Sell it to the bank, make a lot of money and invest it back into your farm! This map mod gives you different options to make money – making the game a lot more versatile and exciting. Certainly a fun mod to explore.

New Woodshire

The New Woodshire FS25 map mod transports you to the serene North of the USA. This small town map will test your abilities to live off the land in the forested, colder, and less fertile region of the country. Sell sugar beets, potatoes, other crops and shavings. With a newly-updated look, this map also opens up cowshed feeding options, as well as fully animated gates and doors. The forests are also full of large spruce: massive trees, ripe for cutting and selling. If you want to test yourself at the real American wildlands, this is the FS25 map mod to choose.


Before Farming Simulator had Seasons, it had R.D.C – a mod, focusing on making the changing of the seasons beautiful, offering seasonal jobs and providing you with ample eye candy. Now, this map is still fully compatible with Precision Farming. Choose whichever job you like: work in the forest, raise your livestock, or focus on agriculture. This massive 160 acre (65 hectare) map gives you plenty for just about anything you want. Another thing we liked was that the lights turn on automatically at 9PM, making the day-to-night transition much more smooth and convenient. The soil types map is also personalized, so you can get the soil that suits your selected crops the best. R.D.C is a true comfort map mod, and we love it for that.

Westbridge Hills

The Westbridge Hills map mod is the ultimate “farm to table” map mod, helping many players fulfill their dreams of building an entire production operation in their farm. It’s all about the real life experiences, and the attention to detail is genuinely amazing. Try it out – The Westbridge Hills FS25 map mod lets you set up a grain mill or a bakery, use a potato washer, and even a chip fryer. Grow potatoes and canola, and turn them into finished products. This map opens up a world of possibilities: if you’re looking to turn your farm into a complete production facility, this is perhaps the best FS25 map mod to choose.

GreenRiver 2025

GreenRiver 2025 is an update of the beloved GreenRiver mod: and it’s been getting better over the years. At its core, the idea is the same: more than 160 acres of land, lush forests, and plenty of room to do field missions. The milk pallets from the previous versions are removed and replaced with compost pallets, because turns out – nobody uses compost in the greenhouse any longer. This mod has been updated and changed for years now, and it’s perhaps one of the most complete mods out there, offering you a brand new location and plenty of room to do things your way.

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Farming Simulator 25 supports game modding for PC, Xbox, or PS5. FS25 Mod may change your game from small to complete changes. Fans can create a Farming Simulator 25 mod file and share it with our community. When is a good time to try Farming Simulator 25 mods? We recommend starting to play a game with these FS25 mods after you finish the Farming Simulator 25 starting pack and you are bored with the game basics. So it's time to try new machines such as harvesters or tractors which are not included in the basic game version. As you already know Farming Simulator 25 developers support mods installation which will add more vehicles or lands to your game. Check our Best FS25 mods lists for PC, Mac, PS5 or Xbox Series. Just follow these simple steps: choose LS25 mods category, download the mod for Farming Simulator 2025 version, and install it into the FS 25 game mod folder. Remember, all Farming Simulator 25 Mods are free, and download as many as you want with no limits. We want to create one of the biggest Farming Simulator 25 Community to share FS25 mods databases.

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