Most Profitable Crops in Farming Simulator 25

Most Profitable Crops in Farming Simulator 25

Farming Simulator 25 is the most expansive release in the franchise yet. It captures just about every activity in farming and puts you in charge of running your entire business. Whatever you choose to do – agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, or even developing massive production chains – your farm is fully in your control.

But of course, in order to grow your farm, you need to make money. Only with plenty of capital in your bank account, you will be able to experience everything this game has to offer. Which is why growing money crops is one of the important first steps to take.

Farming Simulator 25 includes a wide variety of crops to grow – in this article, we’ll take a look at what money crops you should use to get the best profits. We’ll keep everything as simple and as realistic as possible.

Which Farming Simulator 25 crops get you the most profit?

When looking to make money on Farming Simulator 25, you should consider the 14 main types of crops: wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, sunflower, soybean, potato, sugar beet, sorghum, olive, cotton, grape, and sugarcane.

There are some things to consider: such as the fact all crops won’t grow on all maps, as well as the fact the prices will keep changing, and will also depend on the map. While there are plenty of images that will show you the numbers (like the one above), there isn’t a 100% accurate list.

In our experience, you will get the best prices in Goldcrest Valley. There’s a train line you need to invest in if you want to reach it. But when you do, you will quickly get your money back selling wheat, soybean, and olives.

By timing the harvest and selling times, as well as types of crops, you can quickly make a lot of money on Farming Simulator 25. In fact, you can get rich with a lot of different crops, on every single map.

These are the money crops on FS25 that can make you grow your bank account as well:


Wheat is probably the first thing most Farming Simulator players start growing: and it’s actually a great option for getting rich. One hectare yields 8900 liters of wheat, as well as a lot of straw – selling both can help you make a lot of money in just a couple years. Sow your wheat in September or October, reap it during July and August.


Barley is another option that can help you make a lot of money. It has the best yield out of all grain, at 9600 liters from one hectare, as well as plenty of straw. Barley is also incredibly resistant, which means that you won’t need to give it much attention. Sowing time is September and October, and reaping comes earlier than wheat: in June and July.


Oats have a lower yield than many other grains, at “just” 5700 liters a hectare. But it also tends to be around 50% more expensive than barley or wheat. Oats also give you the most straw out of all grains, and overall, the numbers check out – oats are about as profitable as barley or wheat.


Canola has a yield of 5800 liters a hectare and sells for around double the price of barley or wheat. But it also takes the most time to grow: with sowing and reaping happening a year apart, in July and August.


Corn has a very solid yield of 9200 liters a hectare. It’s also good that corn grows quickly: plant it in April, and enjoy your harvest as quickly as October of the same year.


Sunflower doesn’t have the best yield, at just around 5200 liters a hectare. But they will grow quickly, sowing in March-April, and harvesting just 7 months later. It’s a good money crop that works quickly.


In previous games, soybean has been the ultimate cash crop. Now, things have calmed down a little, with the harvest standing at around 4500 liters a hectare. One thing that remains – a quick harvest, sowing in April, and harvesting just 6 months later.


Root produce is a very good option for making money on Farming Simulator 25. At an excellent 43,000 liters a hectare, it gives you plenty to sell: and takes just 5 months to grow.

Sugar beet

Another good option to grow, sugar beet gets you 57,800 liters a hectare. It takes 7 months to grow – planting in spring, harvesting in autumn.


Still a pretty new option, sorghum isn’t all that popular among the FS players. Maybe it should be: it takes just 4 months to grow and gets you 8200 liters a hectare.


Olives are pretty profitable on FS25. The yield is 9200 liters, with a classic planting in spring, and harvest in autumn. You can make a pretty nice profit there.


Cotton gets you around 4970 liters a hectare and takes 8 months to grow. However, this is probably one of the most unpredictable crops out there: getting nerfed and buffed all over the place. It might be a great pick for you!


Grapes are sold for pretty high prices – and with a yield of 9200 liters a hectare, they can be an excellent pick to make. Unlike many other crops, they’ll take time and attention. But when done well, it becomes a proper money crop.


Sugarcane is the biggest challenge – with the absolute best payoff. The prices are pretty low but the yield is insane at 113,400 liters a hectare. It’s an excellent crop to grow if you have a suitable harvester.

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