How to make money with horses in Farming Simulator 25

How to make money with horses in Farming Simulator 25

In this article, we will tell you about some of the main ways to make money with horses on Farming Simulator 25. Without further ado, let’s start this guide and see what you should do.

Buy a paddock and a horse

A paddock is where you will keep all of your horses. You won’t be able to buy any horses without owning a paddock.

Paddocks can be found in the Placeables menu, right under the “Animal Pens” option.

  • A regular horse paddock with an 8 horse capacity costs 50.000
  • A large horse paddock with a 16 horse capacity costs 95.000

Once there is a paddock on your farm, you can click the R button to pick a horse. Currently, there are 8 options available.

A standard price for a horse in the game is 5,000 and if you have no way to transport it to your farm, there is also an additional 300 charge. However, we think you should just pay the 300 with no further questions. Or at the very least, don’t buy a trailer before the horse.

A trailer costs 16,000 outright, or 1,280 if you lease it. Unless you buy a lot of different animals that have to be transported with a trailer, it’s not really worth it.

Transporting the purchased horse with a trailer

If you plan to purchase or already have a trailer, you can transport a horse without paying the fee. Follow the steps below to transport the horse to your farm:

First up, locate an animal dealer on your map. The dealer is usually located in two places: near the field 14, and near the fields 16 and 25. Your experience might be different, depending on the map you play or any mods engaged.

If you only plan to buy an animal trailer, the time to do it is now. Locate it under the “Animal Transport” category in the shop.

If you’re planning to buy 4 horses or more, it makes sense to lease it for 1,280. If you plan to keep buying large animals, we suggest simply buying it outright.

Now, you can purchase the horses and use the trailer to transport them to your farm.

Feeding and caring for your horse

Now, with a brand new horse (or horses) on your farm, let’s talk about how to properly care for them. In order for horses to make you money on FS25, they have to be fit, clean, well-fed, and constantly trained.

Water, straw, and food are all crucial for the well-being of your animal. 700 liters of straw and 350 liters of water are all crucial rations.

For food, you will need roughly 3,500 liters of hay and oats each. For a bigger horse farm, it makes sense to grow your own, as these things can get expensive in the shop.

Experiment with different food mixes to keep your horses happy. You can’t train an elite horse of hay and straw alone.

Training and cleaning your horse

With the basic bodily functions all in check, we can finally talk about training your horses – spending time with your horse is how they can help you make money.

Any purchased horse will be weak, with fitness levels at only 5%. You have to ride them pretty much daily to increase those numbers.

In the game, you will find daily fitness levels. Try to keep them at 100%, and once you reach that, left-click on the horse to clean it. It’s a pretty simple job: reminding yourself to do it daily is the hard part.

Selling and making money from your horse

Once your horse has reached 100% fitness, it will be time to sell it and reap the profits. How and why?

The “how” is pretty simple: all you have to do is to return to the animal dealer, and double click on the horse you wish to sell. Click “Confirm”, and reap the profits.

In fact, you don’t have to have your horse at a full 100% fitness to make a profit. Even at 13-15% you will be able to sell the horse for over 6,000. But a 100% fitness horse can get you up to 45,000!

If you plan to have a lot of horses and build a proper feeding, training, and cleaning routine, you can already see how that can be profitable.

Basically, every 10% of your horse’s fitness will add an extra 5,000 to the price. Keep seeing how much time it takes for your methods, training, and feed to reach these numbers, and make your own decision on when you think it’s best to sell them.

Just like that, by simply caring for some horses, you can also make a pretty decent profit. It’s simple, fun, and surprisingly rewarding.

Good luck making money on FS25 with your horses!

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