Farming Simulator 25: Multiplayer guide & game tips

Farming Simulator 25: Multiplayer guide & game tips

Are you looking to learn more about the multiplayer mode in Farming Simulator 25, this is the article for you. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the core information about the multiplayer mode on this game, and the things you can do.

Similar to the previous Farming Simulator games, FS25 offers a comprehensive online mode. Here are some key facts, as well as some changes.

  • Cross-platform availability. FS22 is one of the games that fully enables crossplay. What this means, is that, for example, a PC player could easily play together with Playstation or Xbox users. This option can also be toggled off, so you would only play with the players on the same platform as yourself.
  • No more Google Stadia. Google Stadia version of the FS22 game was a great option to play on devices that wouldn’t otherwise support the game. However, as Stadia got discontinued, this will not be possible anymore on FS25. Luckily, the game’s hardware recommendations are pretty low, and FS25 will be available on many different devices.
  • Easy to make servers. Servers can be made on both your PC, and a console. However, for the multiplayer servers to fully work, you will need a stable and fast online connection. If you don’t have that, your best option is to rent out a server: with a Farming Simulator hosting provider like Nitrado you can set up a server that works even when your computer or console isn’t on.
  • A lot of players on one server. A console server lets 6 people play at the same time. If you want more, make it one PC: this way, you can host up to 16 people.
  • Keep the exact same game versions. In order to play the game with other players, you will need to make sure everyone has the same version of the game, as well as the same DLCs active.
  • Use text and voice chat. On PC, you can use both text and voice chat to communicate with other players. This functionality isn’t available on consoles, where players can only read the messages others have written.
  • Choose your own multiplayer experience. You have two options on how to play multiplayer. For one, you can all make your own farms, competing and not getting in each other’s way. But you can also cooperate, working together and making the best possible farm – sharing equipment, tools, and responsibilities.

We hope that this rundown of the latest features and options has been helpful, and you’ll be enjoying the excellent FS25 multiplayer mode soon. Stay tuned for more information, as it gets released.

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