How to get unlimited money on Farming Simulator 25

How to get unlimited money on Farming Simulator 25

Are you looking to get money on Farming Simulator 25? That’s simple – there are two different methods of how you can quickly load up your bank account with plenty of funds you can use for whatever you desire.

Even though you get a decent lump of cash to kickstart your farm, there’s a lot you need to buy in order to be able to take up animal husbandry, as well as grow and harvest different types of crops. So, that money is going to go away quickly. If you just want to buy and test the latest and coolest vehicles and machines available on FS25 without worrying, this unlimited money cheat might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Or maybe you want to follow the opposite path – and challenge yourself with having as little money as possible. Our methods let you choose exactly how much money you get, so there’s even an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a farmer who doesn’t have a major starting budget. All the control is in your hands.

Whichever option you choose to follow, there are two different methods to use the FS25 unlimited money cheat:

Farming Simulator 25 Money Cheat: Editing game files

For this method, you will need to edit an active save file: so make sure you have already set up a save file you want to change. Once that is done, go to the folder your game files are located in. On a stock Windows install, it will look something like this:

C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2025.

However, this can differ depending on your setup – in that case, start by locating the folder with all the game files.

In there, you will find plenty of things: but most importantly, it’s where you’ll locate folders like savegame1, savegame2, etc. These folders mean the slots your game is saved in – if your desired save is in the third slot, here you’ll find it in the “savegame3” folder.

Once you find the folder your slot is in, open it and locate a file called “farms.xml”. Open it with a simple text editor app, such as Notepad. There, use either your eyes, or a CTRL+F command, and search for “money”. It should be at the top of the document, and will look something like this:

<farm farmId="1" name="My farm" color="1" loan="0.000000" money="541400.125000" loanAnnualInterestRate="200.000000">

The “money” you’re looking for is right there in the middle. Simply replace the number after the word with whatever amount you wish to have. Save the file, relaunch the game, and the amount of cash in your change will be saved. It’s as easy as that!

Farming Simulator 25 Money Cheat: Using console commands (Works on Steam)

The second method of getting unlimited money on Farming Simulator 25 is a little more complicated. But because it uses console commands, it can be a lot more convenient, as it lets you edit your money while you are still playing. This method works on the Steam version of the game.

To enable the console command unlimited money cheat on FS25, you will first still need to edit the game file. To do that, head to the folder your game is in. On a stock Windows installation, it should be

C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2025

If not, simply look for the folder your downloaded games are. There, look for a file named “game.xml”, and open this file with a simple text editor, such as Notepad. On Notepad, near the bottom, you will need to find this bit:


Simply replace one word, changing it to:


After that, save this file.

Next up, you will need to go to Steam. Find the game on the list of your Steam library, and right-click it. Then, pick “Properties”. In the General section, you will see “Launch Options”, and a text box below it. Type in -cheats on it, just like shown on the picture below.

That’s the prep work done. Close this window, and launch the game on Steam. As you are playing, you will be able to access the console by tapping either a ` or ~ key as well as add a command by tapping the button again. Tapping it a third time will close the console.

In order to get free money via console, all you have to do is to type in a command “gsMoneyAdd [Amount of money”. No inverted commas, of course. So, if you want to get yourself 200 thousand, all you need to do is to type in:

gsMoneyAdd 200000

Just like that, your balance will instantly get a 200k boost, which you can see at the corner of your screen.

There’s one more thing to mention. An odd side effect of enabling cheats means that while you sprint, the farmer will be significantly faster. The walking speed won’t change, but you’ll run at or even above Olympic sprinting paces. If you don’t want that, you’ll have to disable the cheats on Steam, going back to the Launch Options and removing the “-cheats”.

Good luck getting paid easily on Farming Simulator 2025!

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