When to fertilize crops in Farming Simulator 25

When to fertilize crops in Farming Simulator 25

Fertilization is incredibly important in Farming Simulator 25: but many players, especially those just starting out, don’t know a lot of things about how and when to do it. There is even a misconception that the more fertilizer you use, the more growth is going to happen, and the bigger your harvest will be. That, of course, is completely untrue.

There are plenty of things you should do in order to get the best profits and save your time. That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article: let’s see what you should do to create the best fertilization strategy.

How many times should you fertilize?

If you are looking to have the best possible results, the golden rule in Farming Simulator 25 is to fertilize the fields twice during the planting and growing cycle. First time you do it is just before you plant the seeds, to prepare the soil. The second time is at any point as the plants are growing.

If, for example, you decide to fertilize the crops twice during their growing cycle, you will not receive any more benefits. This means you will simply waste your money and your time – which could be spent on actual things that help your farm.

Besides, too much fertilizer can actually be a bad thing. This is true in real farming as well, where over-fertilized fields can actually damage your crops and cause real issues. Two times is easy to remember, gives you the most benefits, and reduces the risk of messing things up. Fertilize before you plant, dedicate a time window to fertilize once more as the plants are growing, and that’s it. After that, your only worry is to make sure you can juggle as many fields as you can to get the biggest profits.

Fertilization level on the map

After the crops are harvested, you can continue this cycle all over again. Be it cutting down the stems into smaller pieces for the soil to absorb, or additional solid or liquid fertilizers, it’s all up to you. Once you master the fertilization process and go into a rhythm, you will quickly climb the ranks. Just like that, turning from a beginner player hoping for luck, to an experienced player relying on skill.

But of course, there are still many things we haven’t touched upon here. For that, we recommend a more visual method of learning. Check out some playthroughs on YouTube or Twitch and see how experienced players deal with such issues. Then, once you get back to your farm, you will be able to use that knowledge for your own farm. There are some hard rules players rarely break, but you can also use very different strategies. The best way to find something that works for you is to see them in action.

Beginner tutorials online are also a great thing: while this game can look very overwhelming at first, there’s a good reason why this franchise stayed so popular for so long. Once you get going, Farming Simulator 25 becomes a lot more exciting, and a lot more interesting.

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