How not to destroy your crops on FS25: 3 best methods!

How not to destroy your crops on FS25: 3 best methods!

Farming Simulator 25 is a game about choices: namely, the choices you make about your crops. If you make a wrong decision, you can cause issues for your produce and your profit. From all the things that we do in the game, there’s one specific issue that is always so disappointing. That, of course, is seeing your machinery run over your crops and leaving nothing behind. Many players are looking for an answer of how not to destroy your crops on FS25.

One wrong move with your vehicle can cause pretty big damage to your harvest. If you operate on pretty thin margins and need a great harvest to continue investing, this can be very painful to see. In this article, we’ll take a look at the options you can take to protect your harvest, and not destroy your crops on FS25. Let’s take a look at the main methods.

Narrow tires and mindful driving

The main culprit for your crops getting destroyed is your own machinery. So, you will need to do something about that.l Heavy machinery is notoriously harmful to first-growth period crops, but as a rule, the bigger your machinery is, the more damage it will do to absolutely everything.

Make sure to pay attention to how heavy the vehicle is – but we understand that for bigger tasks, you will probably have to use a large vehicle anyway. In that case, make sure to pay attention to your driving style. Start driving slowly and carefully, and that will immediately reduce the destruction. Sure, that also means things will get done a bit slower, but the benefits from a better harvest should make up for it.

Another thing you should do is to take a look at your tires. Simple vehicle modifications, such as narrower tires, will reduce the area of impact, making thinner lines – which means that fewer crops will get run over. Of course, the tires you choose still have to work well with your existing machinery, so you will need to check individual specifications to see what tire widths work for you. There are plenty of guides online for the most popular models that should help you decide.

Use CD mod to remove the damage

If you care less about perfect realism, and just want to remove FS25 crop damage mechanic from the game, you will need to download a mod. For hardcore players, this can be seen as a form of light cheating – but mods offer an opportunity for players to play the game just how they want it.

The most popular mod that removes crop damage from the game is CD Mod. It allows driving any kind of vehicle on the crops and they will receive exactly zero damage.

It’s an excellent tool for beginner players that want to focus on learning the vehicle controls without getting punished for it. But many experienced players use it too, because this mod lets them focus on other tasks, not just expertly driving a tractor or a harvester through the field.

No matter which side you are on, CD Mod is a solution to this very common problem. But take it from us: once you get used to making donuts on the field with zero damage, the vanilla game becomes a lot more challenging. If you want to get really good, don’t use it for too long.

Watch some video tutorials

There are plenty of amazing online FS creators that we love – and all of them know about this problem as well. It wouldn’t be fair to simply write down their words here, so we suggest you do exactly what we did. Go to YouTube, and check out tips and tricks from many experienced Farming Simulator 25 players out there.

Watching these playthroughs is good because you will learn more than just one thing. Seeing an experienced player show off their craft can help you get a lot more tips. Different strategies and techniques used can give you some very good ideas, and returning back to the game, you might even try a few of the things you have seen. Some changes might be massive – you could even return and completely redo the layout of your fields.

To sum everything up, most of the crop damage in the game is caused by wide tires and heavy machinery. If that’s your problem, simply changing the tires and your play style will make a massive difference. There are other things too, such as bad fertilization that can make your plants grow worse – but that’s a topic for a different time. And if you simply want easy results with no risk, consider downloading a FS25 easy driving mod: it’s a lot less realistic, but that could help you a lot.

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