FS25 Manure System Mod

FS25 Manure System Mod

If you are looking for realistic gameplay on Farming Simulator 25, then the mods are the best way for you to go. Wopster has done a wonderful job to make dirty work a lot more realistic, with his excellent Manure System mod. A staple mod for the last three releases of Farming Simulator, now this mod is available on FS25 as well, with plenty of new and extensive features.

Wopster is one of the biggest names in the Farming Simulator modding community. You might already know and love his work – after all, he’s the one behind the Guidance Steering mod, has been a helpful contributor on the Seasons mod on FS19, and his Manure System mod, as we just mentioned, has been incredibly useful for several years as well. It has certainly been perfected over time – for instance, the detail on this hose matches, if not exceeds, anything found on similar objects in the original game.

In fact, this Manure System mod is actually a package, including four separate mods, with the Manure System script being by far the most important. Let’s take a look at everything here and see what you get:

The Manure System script

This is a script that runs all of the added functions. With this script, you also get access to two different types of hoses: a slurry hose, and a liquid fertilizer hose.

The hoses connect to one another, and work well together with the other mods released to Wopster. They also work well with the existing in-game machinery.
For example, you are able to connect a sprayer to a fertilizer tank. This way, you can easily refill the sprayer. It’s a realistic method that’s wonderfully brought to life by Wopster.

How to Use This Manure System

Every single action on this mod pack can be done with both a mouse and a controller. You can pick up hoses the same way you pick up any object in the game, and you simply need to interact with the hoses in order to close and open them.

You can enter the Help Menu (F1) to get additional control tips and information. With plenty of guidance, 99% of players will find what they need there. But for the remaining 1%, there is also a comprehensive GitHub guide that will help you with the smallest details.

Does it work with other mods?

This is a question many people are interested in – because if they download one mod, chances are, they have many others available as well. And even though this Manure System mod works well with the base game, how does it behave with other mods?

For modder sprayers and liquid manure equipment, mods might need further modifications to fully work. Many modders have already considered Wopster’s work and tailored their mods to work well with the Manure System.

The Manure System Lagoon

The Manure System Lagoon is a placeable object that lets you hold a massive amount of slurry. To be specific, this means a capacity of up to 1,718,000 liters. There is also a mixing function, which helps to make sure the slurry is less thick.

Once again, the thickness adjustment is a realistic change, because thinner slurry passes better through hoses and pumps. Here is how Wopster’s Lagoon looks like in the game:

The Stallkamp Pump

Of course, to get everything working properly, you will also need a pump. Wopster has included the Stallkamp Pump, which works perfectly if either side you’re pumping from or to doesn’t have a dedicated pump.
However, we have noticed that even after getting disconnected from the PTO, the pump continued to work. Given Wopster’s dedication to realism, this looks like a bug – but it seems like that’s been fixed in the latest versions.

You can use this pump to fill the tankers with water.
The manure valves have to be opened to ensure that the liquids flow properly. These are the two handles that must be lifted for everything to work:

Zunhammer Tripod Hopper

Of course, your slurry needs to do more than just to be transported into a tanker or a lagoon. It also has to get into a field. This is where the Zunhammer Tripod Hopper comes in, making the fieldwork both realistic and honestly, pretty exciting.
All you have to do is to place this Hopper on the group, connect it to a slurry tanker using a hose, and move the refill boom to the docking funnel. This is how you can easily refill the tank.
It might take a while at first to align everything properly. But it only took us a couple of tries before we could do it all automatically.
However, there’s one more thing to note. In order to transport this hopper with a tractor, you will also need to get a Tractor Triangle Pack, created by Gamer8250.

Where to Download the Manure System Mod

You can easily get the files for the Manure System mod on ModHub – as well as download Manure System on the link here.
If you choose to download the mod in the game, you will need to make several separate downloads. The manure hose, tripod hopper, and the pump are all available on the Tools -> Slurry Tanks category. The fertilizer hose can be found on the Tools -> Crop Protection category.

Tips for Using the Manure System Mod

The hoses can not be extended to a massive length. So, you will need to be smart about your positioning, either moving your equipment to be within the correct length, or buying extensions to extend the reach a bit more.
However, just like in real life, the extensions have their limits. As everybody knows, the more hose you have, the harder it gets.
This is not just a pun. When connecting four or more of the hoses, and trying to move them, you will get an error message telling you that you’re not strong enough. In order to make a massive hose line, connect three, move them to where they have to be in the line, and then connect the combined three-hose groups.
In order to move the hoses, you can simply attach them to a semi-tanker, if you happen to have one.

It looks just like that:

Finding Triggers and Connection Points

When just starting off, it can be a little difficult to find and understand the connection points on all of this machinery. We recommend just walking around with a hose and seeing where exactly you need to be for everything to work.
If the pump doesn’t work properly, make sure that all the manure valves are fully opened.
All in all, this manure system can take some time getting used to. The realism comes at a price, the price being a slight learning curve. Don’t expect everything to work immediately, and prepare to read some of that F1 Help Menu to get yourself up to speed.

You can watch some YouTube videos as well! Here’s an excellent video explaining the mod and how it works in detail:

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