10 Best Tractors Mods for Farming Simulator 25

10 Best Tractors Mods for Farming Simulator 25

If you’re an experienced Farming Simulator player, you probably already took a good look at all the features of Farming Simulator 25. And while the changes in the stock game are always interesting – it’s the world of mods that really makes each release truly exciting. Mods for the latest game usually come out soon after the game is released. Since so many FS players are used to playing with mods, it only makes sense for them to come out as soon as possible. And in this page, we’ll take a look at the best tractor mods for Farming Simulator 25.

On our site, we offer a wide range of Farming Simulator 25 tractors mods that will help make your gameplay more realistic, more immersive, let you explore new strategies, or simply make FS25 more fun! Simply download some of the latest and best tractor mods for Farming Simulator 2025 and see for yourself.

Another important thing to note is that many players, some people in our team included, want to use a very specific machine: maybe it’s something we worked on in real life, or maybe it’s a tractor that we used earlier and really loved it. Or, in some cases, it has to do with nothing more than brand loyalty. Whatever the situation, it often happens that with the release of the new game, GIANTS simply remove some of the tractors from the base game. Sometimes, the best tractor mod for Farming Simulator 25 is the tractor that you loved previously – and can only get it back with the help of mods.

Looking at how mods worked historically, we can confidently say: like in the previous games, FS25 tractor mods are yet another example of the community getting together and making the game better. So, whether you are looking to solve a specific issue and need that one specific tractor, or you just can’t be on top of your game without the tractor that you love, download the FS25 tractor mods on our site, and get to farming. Choose as many models as you like – these mods are free and very easy to install.

We offer a lot of options for you to choose. But these right here are some of the best FS25 tractor mods you can get:

IMT 533 Deluxe

This 1960s tractor from Yugoslavia is basically a copy of the vintage Massey Ferguson 35. The 3-cylinder motor produces only 35 HP, but it’s also seriously cheap. The lovely ergonomic design is a nice throwback and will be appreciated by the players who want a tractor for some of the smaller tasks. It’s fun to operate, too – making it a good addition to many farms.

Fendt 700 Vario S4

This early 2010s Fendt 700 Vario S4 is modern, powerful, and very efficient. Seen in many farms all around the world, this middle-range tractor is a crowd favorite. And it’s also one of the best tractor mods on FS24, due to many different customization options and custom animations. If you like Fendt, get this tractor in your garage.

New Holland L95

Are you looking to get a slice of the agriculture history, but still want to get things done? New Holland L95 is an excellent tractor mod to download! Built-in the late ’90s and early 00s, this L series tractor still had a Fiat engine and is still used and loved to this day. With the same original components that made it iconic, this tractor doesn’t include some of the latest features, but it’s an excellent mid-size tractor to be a perfect all-rounder on your farm.

John Deere 6000 Premium

John Deere is perhaps the most loved agriculture company in the world, and the 6000 Premium is one of its crown jewels. With all the latest features you might need, it’s a perfect machine for some of your most important farm jobs. This FS25 tractor mod is also highly customizable, letting you build it for the things you want it to achieve. The John Deere name, all the power, all the latest technology, and all the editing power of FS mods: you should definitely try out the 6000 Series.

Fendt 900 Vario

This Fendt is an excellent modern tractor that includes some of the latest and best features in this class. What’s even better, this custom mod adds extra customization options that make this already pretty great 900 Vario even better. Enjoy top customization – and the efficiency and versatility of one of the best tractors Fendt has ever built.

Kirovets K 700

Looking to try out something pretty unusual for the classic modern farmer? This Kirovets K 700 was built at an old and famous factory in the former USSR. The V8 turbo diesel is perfect for challenging tasks and difficult terrains. What makes this mod great is the sound that this Kirovets makes. Go through difficult tasks, enjoy the versatility, and listen to the vintage sounds of an old V8 – this is farming history right here.

Massey Ferguson 8600

Massey Ferguson 8600 is a classic tractor, full of great modern features. It’s comfortable to use and makes for a perfect workhorse on your farm. Thanks to this FS25 tractor mod, you can also make your FS look and act just the way you want it to. Weight configurations, as well as custom designs for rims, wheels, and fenders, makes this mod very customizable.

Case Puma CVX 240 Series

Case Puma CVX 240 is versatile, economical, and very easy to use. The mod also includes some nice customization options, like colors, wheels, and even window tint. It’s a wonderful everyday option, that looks good and works really well, saving on some time and operational costs.

John Deere 9020 Series

John Deere 9020 Series is probably one of the most well-known tractors in the farming world today. If you’re a true fan of the game, you probably already used it – or want to use it. Well, either way: consider trying it out with this excellent mod, that gives you plenty of customization options and helps you get the best out of this excellent machine.

Case IH Quadtrac Series

Case IH Quadtrac is built to complete an impossible mission – giving you supreme power with minimal soil disturbance. The Quadtrac uses tracks instead of wheels, helping you reduce the damage from nearly 700 pure horsepower. It’s an expensive tractor as well – luckily, this FS25 mod is free!

Looking to download some of these mods? Or maybe you’re looking for something else? Either way – check out our FS25 tractors category.

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