Farming Simulator 25: How to sell Wood and Wood Chips

FS25 skid steer loaders

Farming Simulator 25: How to sell Wood and Wood Chips

Farming Simulator 25 is a game that offers you a massive range of possibilities. With so many ways to make money, it’s more than just a sowing and plowing simulator. For example, forestry makes up a big portion of the game, and you can make some solid money by selling wood chips. It’s not a very common thing to do – but in this article, we’ll go in-depth, talking about how to maintain your forests, cut and transport your trees, and of course, explain to you how to make money with timber – including tips on how to sell wood chips on Farming Simulator 25.

Where to grow and sell wood in Farming Simulator 25?

Would you be interested in selling wood in Farming Simulator 25? Absolutely – especially early in the game, if your map has plenty of trees, they can be a great source of easy income to fund your other agricultural plans. You can easily sell uncut trees, firewood, wood chips, and various other tree parts.

While in real life, regulations may vary, on FS25, you are fully allowed to cut down and make products out of any trees that are on your land. But depending on the map you have and the trees that grow, it might not be beneficial. For example, the Raverport map includes a lot of trees and it might sound like a great idea, but because of their rather unique shape, they won’t make a lot of good products and that makes it a bad investment.

How to get wood on Farming Simulator 25

Once you locale some good trees on your map, here’s what you should do to get yourself some wood:

  1. Cut the tree that you want, and proceed to remove its biggest branches.
  2. Using your tractor, move the tree away from the cutting spot.
  3. Cut your trees into smaller pieces and load them onto a trailer using a crane.
  4. If desired, chop the trees even further to turn them into firewood, and load them into a trailer by hand.
  5. In order to make wood chips, use a wood chip machine and load your timber in it.

Straight trees are the best

When looking for the trees to cut, look not only for quantity – but quality as well. You will hit a jackpot when you find a location with plenty of nice, straight-looking trees. Why is that? That’s because the longer the wood piece is, the more money you can get for it.

In situations like this, we don’t even recommend cutting these trees into firewood or wood chips, they can be sold almost the way that they are.

But also, remember one more thing. All of the trees that you look to sell, no matter if they’re uncut or cut, cannot have any branches on them. Even the straight trees will need some work.

Choosing your best wood tactics on FS25

You get full freedom to choose exactly what you will do with the trees you cut down. It goes from massive long to wood chips, and everything in between. But of course, your opportunities will also depend on the machinery you have available.

What FS25 woodcutting machinery should you choose?

If you are not sure which way to go, see the machinery you have available, and look at how much would you need to invest to get your desired workflow going. In order to help you decide what exactly should you choose and use, let’s take a look at the machines available for all types of woodcutting tasks on FS25.

Stepa FHL 13 AK

Stepa FHL 13 AK is one of the most popular entry level loader trailers, used by most of the people who want to get started with forestry on FS25. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and is a wonderful option for maintaining trees. And you’ll get plenty of use from it, as it will help you with the process of cutting the trees down into smaller chunks and bringing them down into the shop to sell. The recommended bale size on this trailer is only 4 meters though, so don’t expect it to work on some of the bigger trees. You’d need to invest a little more to get that working.

For more serious tasks, we recommend Fliegl Timber Runner. The autoload wood feature saves a lot of your time, and the recommended bale size is doubled to 8 meters. So, it’s going to work very well even for seriously tall trees.

Fliegl Timber Runner

You can also get access to machines that are specifically created to load trees into trailers. There are telehandlers, tractors, or even skid steer loaders. However, all of these vehicles are relatively small and will not work on massive uncut trees. So, you will need to work on the trees first before loading them on.

You can also use the harvesters to cut down your trees into different sizes. However, harvesters are seriously expensive and just getting one for forestry is probably not the smartest use of your money. There is a pretty big range in available pricing, but buying cheap to save might not always be a good idea. You might run into simple power limitations, which might have you stuck with a machine that was cheap, but ultimately didn’t do enough meaningful work to pay back for itself.

Komatsu Forestry

As far as the expensive machines go, you can’t go wrong with something like this – the Komatsu/Ponsee, which can have a bale size of 8 meters. For the slightly cheaper options, a Sampo Rosenlew will have a maximum bale size of 6 meters. While 6 might be enough for you at first, it might limit you as you continue to grow. A bigger model will also be significantly more time-efficient.

FS25 skid steer loaders

FS25 skid steer loaders

While we may have already discouraged you from buying cheap machinery for your forestry, we do understand that money is still a cause for concern. Not all vehicles need to be expensive to be useful for a long time. For instance, if you’re just starting out, one excellent low-budget option is the DFM CFB-16, which is a tree cutter that can be fitted on a skid steer loader. It keeps a tree upright and can help you transport it to your pile of logs, saving you time and removing the need for many different machines. It’s not very fast, but it’s a good way to get trees without investing too much.

Use belts for transporting

Tree transportation is not simple: trees are massive, and they need to be fully stable, and loaded very neatly. This cargo needs to be secured correctly, so you don’t lose it on your way to the shop. So, use the belts for transporting. If you’ve seen Final Destination, you understand why that’s so important even more.

Forestry machines for trunk disposal

Forestry Machines trunks

After you’re done with cutting down the logs, you also should focus on the disposal of the three trunks. The best piece of machinery on FS25 for that is the FSI ST 65 T. It’s very easily found in the Forestry Machines section on the game.

JENZ HEM 583 Z Forestry Machine

Finally, let’s get talking about wood chips. The best thing about them is that they can be made out of just about any type and cut of wood. You can even use the branches – and this “no waste” approach also helps put some money back into your bank account.

In order to make wood chips, you need to get a machine designed for that. They’re not overly expensive – but will still be different in power and use cases. Let’s take a look at a few of the options you can pick.

  1. JENZ HE 700 StA – you can place this machine anywhere on your land, and it will sell wood chips automatically, making it an excellent option for large scale operations. It saves a lot of time: but at 100 a day, it’s also pretty expensive to maintain. However, if you have plenty of wood to go around and want to make loads of wood chips, it’s the best option you can pick.
  2. JENZ HEM 583 Z – this machine is a good option for medium-sized bales. Powered by a tractor, this wood chip machine is a cheaper option that works very well.
  3. JENZ BA 725 – this JENZ is suited for small-to-average bales and branches.

Also, here’s one more tip: if your wood chip machine doesn’t sell automatically, you can just use any trailer for easy transportation.

Where can you sell wood chips in FS25?

You can easily find a wood chip selling point at the back of the sawmill. It’s available even if you don’t own a sawmill. This is very similar to the way it was on FS19, and FS22. Just look for a rounded fence full of wood chips.

Buy seedlings and start planting trees

Planting trees

Trees take a while to grow: and if you plan to have a long-lasting forestry business, you need to start planting new trees as soon as possible. For that, we recommend Damcon PL-75. It’s slow, but very cheap, making it affordable at the beginning of the game. This purpose-built tree seedling planter is a nice option to choose.

Damcon PL-75

But before you buy this planter and get to work, you will also need to get some seedlings. Here are some of the key facts you should know before that:

  • One stillage of trees has a hard limit of 20 seedlings.
  • Make 5 meter gaps between seedlings.
  • Trees, unlike most crops, don’t have to be fertilized.

Conclusions and profit

The longer your trees are, the more money they can bring. So, it’s worth it to wait until your trees are nicely grown before you cut them. Let’s take a look at how much money you can expect to get from bales of different sizes:

  1. Whole entire tree – 1200-1300$.
  2. 1 m bales – 1800$;
  3. 2 m bales – 2200$;
  4. 3 m bales – 2500$,
  5. 4 m bales – 3000$;
  6. 6 m bales – 3350$,
  7. 8 m bales – 3450$,
  8. Wood chips – around 1200$. Price of wood chips fluctuates, and can differ from map to map, so it’s not always the same.

Before your trees get sold, they also need to be fully cleaned. Here’s something else you should know. A harvester can be used to carry all of your trees to the lumber mill. We recommend options such as a JENZ HE 700 StA, and a Sampo Rosenlew.

FS25 JENZ HE 700 StA

We hope that in this article, we have answered the main questions and addressed the top issues you might have had. From making and selling wood chips, to planting the next generation of trees, we talked about a lot. If you’re looking for more mods that can make your forestry experience even better, check out our FS25 Forestry mods.

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