Farming Simulator 25 – Riverbend Springs map

Farming Simulator 25 – Riverbend Springs map

With the release of the pre-FarmCon24 stream (3rd July), we have a lot more information and stunning visuals from in-game footage. The map landscape shows roads, rivers, fields, and forest paths in the latest FarmCon gameplay. A new map inspired North-America is coming with Farming Simulator 25 on November 12.

Map developers have shared some details about interactive buildings on the map which makes the game even more realistic by adding farmer’s markets, interactive shelves, or small selling stands with amazing interior texture. These buildings are not just decorative objects on the map but have a specific use. For example, the new Riverbend Springs map has buildings that you can rebuild through construction orders such as:

  • Farmer market
  • Interactive shelf
  • Small selling stands
  • Buildable farmhouses
  • New fences

The interactive buildings will offer new features for the modding community. Giants Software has confirmed that FS25 will have the most modding-friendly engine to create new mods. This means that modders have more flexibility to create and share their buildings for the maps. The new objects and interactive buildings will allow the possibility to create various mods that personalize the game or map. These interactive buildings show that Giants Sofware made big game changes to improve the gaming experience in Farming Simulator 25. The game becomes more realistic and offers more variety of specific farmer buildings.

Farmer’s market

Talking about one of the new features coming to the game which is a farmer’s market. We don’t know if this is going to be something that’s going to be available on every map, but we are sure that modders can put it on there since the feature will be available and it’ll definitely be at least on the US map. The farmer’s market is going to have an interior with interactive shelves and small selling stands. If you go inside of it, you will see plenty of little areas, interactive stands, and stuff like that to sell your products. When you sell goodies,  they’re going to show up in the baskets. It’ll be cool to kind of see some fill levels come up in some of the baskets and stuff like that as you drop up more goods. What is more, we have a selling stand which you can see kind of out by the road so we have a lot of cool stuff coming with this is going to be really nice feature, but there is no information on how it’s going to work.

Map environment

Dynamic weather changes the game fundamentally. The realistic weather effects such as lightning in the sky, heavy rain, and the effects of the weather on the landscape make the game even more impressive. These weather conditions add new challenges and difficulties to growing and caring for crops. Heavy rain will bring muddy patches with puddles that make the ground softer and more difficult to drive.

Dynamic ground deformation is not only a visual improvement, but it also changes the gameplay. The ground can be deformed with heavy machines such as tractors, harvesters, or trailers which can create very realistic ruts on fields. Wet tires and muddy fields also affect your ability to work with the machine.  This is a completely new twist on the Farming Simulator 25 game, which will require players to adapt their work on the field to the weather conditions.

Map nature will be changed with new trees, bushes, grass, and ground texture.

Small Productions

The second very new feature is small production or mini production units. So these will work just like the Productions system, but obviously there might be some new productions because we know we’re going to get some new productions to the game we don’t necessarily know what any of those are going to be just yet. If you’ve ever used the yard production pack you used to be called The Farm production pack until they released the DLC, but Omana has a mod out called the Yard production pack and it has mini factories in it that are perfect for your farm. So that way your farm doesn’t have to invest in a large-scale Factory. These kinds of concepts of small production units are going to be able to produce the same things that the large Productions can do like the typical ones that we are used to seeing. We believe that you’re not going to produce as much, but it’s also not going to be as much of an upfront cost to get going. It’s kind of a way to be able to get some Productions going to mix stuff around your farm in a more kind of realistic way instead of well most Farmers probably aren’t building full-size factories or buying full-size factories to make milk or milk products and stuff like that.

By the way, Sawmill products that you would normally see in the game, so most Farms don’t have the capital to be able to invest in that and I think that this is what this is kind of tackling. So instead of having to buy a massive factory, mini factories are going to take less room and it’s going to be a little bit more realistic in terms of how it’s going to work out.

Rice fields in the map

The three gameplay videos from FarmCon show two different types of rice on the US Map and the machinery needed to grow and harvest them. It means you will need to plant rice and collect ripened plants if you want to grow rice fields in the game. Rice fields must be flooded with water to support the growth process of the plants. Also, you will face new challenges when crossing the field and the bumps in the clay will make this much more difficult to drive.

There are also new crops: spinach and rice, and an East Asian map for the first time. The water is now also calculated dynamically, and the new GIANTS engine update should ensure more realistic graphics.  The water buffalo will be a new breed of animal on the Asian map.

Here are a few screenshots from the Riverbend Springs map presentation.




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