GIANTS Engine 10 improvements for Farming Simulator 25

GIANTS Engine 10 improvements for Farming Simulator 25

GIANTS Engine 10!

Some interesting Engine updates coming out of FarmCon24. A new generation bringing a more immersive experience to Farming Simulator 25. Distance Fog, dynamic weather effects, ground deformation, and more.

Improved Fog

  • Non-uniform density
  • Dynamic accumulation in valleys, water
  • Changing with weather, time of day.
  • Volumetric lighting with sun shadows
  • God rays
  • Volumetric lighting for local lights
  • Vehicles, street lamps, etc

Dynamic Shadows

  • Cloud shadows
  • Fully dynamic based on actual clouds
  • Shadows of the vehicle lights
  • Merged shadows lights

Weather Effects

  • Rain effects on vehicles
  • Water droplets on machines
  • Tire color darkens when wet
  • Sticky mud on the tires
  • Unlike dirt, reduced when driving
  • Improved rain visuals
  • Rain splashes
  • Wet look: darker color, more reflective


  • Interactive water simulation
  • Clear coat layer



  • Higher terrain resolution (1m), runtime compression
  • Displacement mapping (12,5cm)
  • Displacement mapping for fields
  • Influences physics simulation
  • Dynamically adjusted from tires and gameplay



  • Double-sided rendering
  • Fewer vertices for thin objects
  • Geometry size compression
  • Automatic internal compression reduces vertex data
  • Example data size: Giants Engine v10 reduces geometry size from 8MB to 4.5MB
  • Reduces slot count
  • Virtual texturing for terrain: 1mio x 1mio pixels, stored in 4-16k textures
  • Cheaper terrain rendering (especially displacement and parallax mapping)
  • Projected decals
  • No geometry for streets

Want some more? You can watch the first gameplay below, here you will see how the new Giants Engine has changed the game. What is more, we are updating news and analyzing the latest Farming Simulator 25 features every day.  Stay with us!



The Farming Simulator 25 will be released on November 12, 2024 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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