GPS for FS25: Guidance Steering Mod

GPS for FS25: Guidance Steering Mod

The GPS mod is one of the mods that is well known and liked by just about any Farming Simulator 25 player. A must-have mod for several generations of FS, GPS Mod has earned its reputation and is useful for both beginner and expert players.

Even with the latest features on Farming Simulator 25, the Guidance Steering GPS Mod remains a mod you should absolutely download: so, let’s take a deeper look at this mod and how it works.

What is the GPS Mod on FS25.

The Guidance Steering mod offers several different ways for you to create tracks for your machinery to follow. There’s the AB point method, which will ask you to pinpoint two specific spots (A and B), and then the steering angle will be calculated for you. With the alternative, A+heading mode, you will only be asked to input the exact steering angle you’re looking for.

With this mod, Wopster has managed to build a feature many fans have been asking for, for ages. From our testing, we can say that we’re genuinely quite surprised that GIANTS haven’t included GPS steering in their Farming Simulator games all the way back to FS19 or FS22. It’s a simple, bug-free experience, that really makes it feel that this mod was created not by a community member, but a massive developer team back in the GIANTS HQ.

How to enable Guidance Steering (GPS) on FS25

As with many Farming Simulator mods, Guidance Steering mod lets you enable GPS with keyboard shortcuts.

In order to enter the Guidance Steering menu, you will need to enable it using the Left ALT + C shortcut.

After that, you will be able to access the Guidance Steering menu using the Left CTRL + S shortcut.

How to install the FS25 GPS Mod:

Installing the FS25 GPS mod on your Windows machine is very simple. All you need to do is to download the latest version of the mod online, and copy the FS25_guidanceSteering_<versionnumber>.zip folder into the mods directory of your game.

The mods are located where all of your game files are: in the FarmingSimulator2025 folder, there’s a “mods” directory. This is where the zip file is supposed to go.

Buy the GPS in order to enable it on FS25

In order to add more realism to the game, the creator of the Guidance Steering FS25 mod has made it slightly more complicated to access it.

In order to enable GPS steering on your vehicle, you will need to drive it into the shop to install the configuration. If you’re buying the vehicle, however, there will be an option to configure it to include GPS steering immediately.

Why is my Guidance Steering mod disabled?

If you have just downloaded the Guidance Steering mod, and have issues activating it, make sure you use the correct shortcut. In order to turn the Guidance Steering mod on and off, use the shortcut: Left ALT + C.

How to use the GPS Mod on FS25

The Guidance Steering mod can be easily controlled with just a few shortcuts. It might sound a little complicated at first, but once you learn it, it becomes very simple.

In this part of the article, we’ll cover some of the basic functionalities of this mod and how to use them.

Setting up your guidance line

First up, you will need to choose which method you will pick. There are two options: AB Straight line, and A+Heading line. You will have to choose your preferred method in the mod’s menu.

AB Straight line

This method asks you to input two points in order to calculate what angle is needed to make the lines – then, it makes those lines. Here’s how to use this method:

  1. Drive to your starting position. This is where the lines will be made from.
  2. Use the ALT+E shortcut to reset any existing lines and restart the creation process.
  3. Use the ALT+E once more to set the A point (you can also do it in the menu)
  4. Use the ALT+E again to set the B point (you can use the menu as well)

A+Heading line

This method only needs a starting point, and an exact degree angle: then, it can build you an entire line.

  1. Drive to your starting position. This is where the lines will be made from.
  2. Use the ALT+E shortcut to reset any existing lines and restart the A+ heading making process.
  3. Use the ALT+E once more to set the A point (you can also do it in the menu)
  4. Input the required cardinal angle in degrees.
  5. Choose “Set Cardinal”, and the line will be made for you.

A+Direction line

The A+Direction mode requires only Point A and it takes the cardinal heading from the direction the vehicle is pointing. First select the A+Direction method in the menu.

Auto width setup

Using either the menu, or the ALT+R shortcut, the mod will detect the current width of your vehicle and use it for the routes. For the most accurate results, we recommend fully unfolding and lowering your vehicle.

Increase/decrease width setup

The ALT+ and ALT- shortcuts will let you change the width manually. The increments at which these shortcuts increase or decrease the width can be pretty small. You can change them in the mod menu.

Offset line

The offset line can be selected in the mod menu. If it is any bigger than zero, a red line on your paths will be shown. At the top, there is a width select box that lets you choose your increments. You can click on the “Increment Offset” button to offset your line. You can also set the increments to be negative. That will simply flip this offset to an opposite side.

Shift the track

You can use the shortcuts to shift the track to either left or right. Use ALT+Page Up and ALT+Page Down to do just that. You don’t need to type this shortcut several times if you want to shift it far away: simply hold the keys down.

Realign the track with the vehicle

Use the ALT+Home shortcut, and the track will automatically realign back with your existing vehicle.

Rotate the track

There is no keyboard shortcut to rotate the track 90 degrees. However, there’s a strategy menu – enter it, and click on the 90-degree button. This will instantly rotate the track.

Terrain angle snapping

The AB lines can easily align with the terrain – making straight lines on uneven terrain a lot easier. All you have to do is to enable angle snapping on the mod’s main menu.

Toggle guidance steering

If your track is fully created and ready to go, use the ALT+X shortcut and you will toggle the steering on.

Headland control

If you’re looking to change interaction with the headland, you can easily set the current headland mode.

When this mod is on, the vehicle will simply stop at your preset interaction distance. If you turn this mode off, the vehicle will only warn you when the interaction distance is reached.

Store and load your created tracks

If you created an excellent track for your fields, they can be used more than once. The second page on the menu lets you save your created tracks, so you can use them again, without having to do all the prep work. All you have to do is to go to the second page of the mod menu.

By saving your tracks, you can not only save your track data, but also share it with others on multiplayer.

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