MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM Mods for FS25

MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM Mods for FS25

MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM mods for FS25 are excellent choices for those who want even more realism in their Farming Simulator gameplay.

Created by The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher, these mods give more nuance to a very simplified silage process. What does that mean? Let’s take a deeper look into this:

Those who played the games might remember one of the basic rules – if you put anything into a bunker silo, it’s going to turn into chaff, which will then turn into silage. With this mod, it is not anymore as simple as that. Instead, these mods replicate real life situations, offering different types of silage. What’s even more, different types of silage also give you a brand new feed option, giving you an opportunity to change the way you feed your pigs.

Let’s take a look at this mod and its features in detail.

New Types of Silage Available Silage

On FS games, including Farming Simulator 25, chaff is a general term for everything

Chaff is the ultimate umbrella term on Farming Simulator 25: it means everything that can turn into sillage. Of course, this is a lot more complicated in real life, and these MaizePlus mods do a pretty good job adding more nuance while still keeping the gameplay nice and simple.

There is a lot more variety of the materials coming in and coming out of the bunkers, replicating what actually happens in farming.

First up, there is WCS – full name “whole crop silage.” With the exception of corn and grass, everything you put into the bunker silos will become WCS.

But for grass and corn, you can do a lot more.

For instance, corn can get you fermented maize. After you make a harvest, the harvest you get changes, Instead of just maize, you get “fresh chopped maize”. During the silage process, this can get turned into fermented maize.

Then there is grass – after using the forage harvester to gather your grass, this can get turned into silage grass.

Both of these silages are excellent feed options for cows. But you will get even better gains if you use any of these new feeds as a part of your TMR.

New Type of Feed – CCM (Corn Cob Mix)

The MaizePlus and the MaizePlus CCM mods also let you create a completely new type of feed. Using corn, you can make a super energy dense feed known as CCM – or corn cob mix. It’s a type of feed used in the real world, and is typically known as an excellent option for growing the mass of cattle and pigs. On FS25, CCM can be used to feed your pigs only.

Let’s take a deeper look at how exactly you can use the mods to create corn cob mix on Farming Simulator 25:

First up, simply harvest your corn using whatever harvested you have purchased, leased, or rented:

Use the harvested corn to make corn flour: for this, you will need to employ a GlobalCompany CCM mill.

Then, simply tip your produced corn flour into a bunker silo.

From this point on, treat this corn flour the way you would treat any other silage. The corn flour will get nicely fermented, increasing its overall nutritional value. The created CCM will soon be ready, and work as a wonderful feed for your pigs.

However, it’s important to remember that CCM can not be baled. A baler needs to be used to turn fresh materials into silage bales. It’s only an okay option, but still a better one than keeping raw materials in a bunker.

Automatic Silage Switch

Another feature of this mod is related to simply filling up your silo bunker. The displayed materials will change, depending on what is added to it.

The requirements say that the silo bunker has to be 4000 liters or less. If there is 3000

As of now, the requirement states for the silo bunker to be less than 4000 liters. If you, for example, have 3000 liters of raw CCM, you can easily turn it into grass silage.

All you have to do is to load some grass on top of it, and the CCM will automatically turn into a different type of silage.

New Textures in The Game

For completely new types of silage and feed, you also need different textures to represent them all. It’s important for both realism, and a better visual context for a player. The-Alien-Paul has done a good job creating completely brand new textures that represent everything new added to the game by this mod.

Limitations of the MaizePlus add-on

The mods are created by the community: and as you might imagine, there are still some limitations that they have. This is in no way a criticism to the mod itself – we love what it does – but this part of the article will focus a little more on some quirks you might catch yourself.

heightType limits set the rules of the different types of materials that can be tipped on the ground in this game. Corn (a pile of corn, to be exact) is one of such types.

The base game allows for a total of 31 heightType slots. All the basic materials and crops take up 23 of them.

MaizePlus adds 4 new types. CCM adds 2 more. That makes for a total of 29.

So far, so good? Maybe, but maybe not: if your map includes a lot of different fruits, that would put you over the limit. So, this MaizePlus mod doesn’t work on every single map out there.

As far as we know, there is no clear solution for this issue. You can try looking for maps that have different heightType limits, or simply avoid maps with fruit trees on them.

Issues with Seasons Mods

This issue has been more relevant before – when Seasons were not a part of the original game, and many players actually used mods in order to get some well needed season changes. But if you still use Seasons mod for your FS25 game, there will be some issues.

They are, once more, related to the heightTypes problem. The Seasons Mod adds 3 more heightTypes. As you can imagine, this can become a bit of an issue.

If you’re using the Seasons mod,we simply recommend turning off the additional CCM add-ons. If you can’t play without them, we suggest throwing Seasons away altogether. The season options on FS25 are pretty good already, after all.

FS25 MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM – Video Tutorials

The-Alien-Paul, one of the creators of this excellent mod, has actually produced YouTube videos to help better explain what this mod is and how it works. Check it out here:

To sum everything up, the MaizePlus mod is genuinely excellent. We are impressed with the added layer of realism, and how well it works on the base game. The issues with heightTypes is not something in their control – and we hope that as time goes on, the mods of The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher will be able to work even better.

Just one more thing to add: in order for these mods to work properly, you will need to download some additional mods. Namely, the GlobalCompany – CCM Mill, and GlobalCompany mods. They’re simple to install and work well on both PC and Mac.

You can find everything you need on the official ModHub, as well as the game’s ModHub. There is also an official download page for the mod you can use.


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