Best Grain Cart Mods in Farming Simulator 25

Best Grain Cart Mods in Farming Simulator 25

Grain carts are a very important part of Farming Simulator – and there are plenty of excellent grain cart mods for Farming Simulator 25 that help improve your harvesting experience. For this article, we’ve tested dozens of grain carts to find the best.

These are the best FS25 grain cart mods:

  • Demco Posi Flow
  • Kinze 851 and 1051
  • J&M 680 Gravity Wagon

Let’s see what makes them so good.

Demco Posi Flow

  • Producer: Demco
  • Mod by: Ross W. Modding
  • Price: 14,000
  • Capacity: 19,4 m3 – 26,4 m3
  • Errors: No

Demco Posi Flow is FS25 grain cart mod, created by Ross W. Modding. The best feature in this one is definitely the sound and the animations. We enjoyed simply listening to it – and how tractors rev up during the unloading process. We liked looking at it, too – and how it changes as it gets filled up.

Previous errors from the early FS22 version are completely cleared up, and this mod also includes some nice customization options. You can choose from three different colors, those being blue, green, and red. Several wheel options, such as duals, are also available, and you can purchase some extra extensions to increase the capacity of this grain cart.

This Demco is slightly smaller than average, and it works best for less established farms, working on smaller fields and using less powerful tractors.

Kinze 851 and 1051

  • Producer: Kinze
  • Mod by: Giants Software
  • Price: 59,000 – 74,000
  • Capacity: 30m3 – 37 m3
  • Errors: None

Kinze 851 and 1051 grain carts are both well known and commonly used by the Farming Simulator players. They were so popular, in fact, that after getting removed from FS22, they were quickly added back.

These carts are both on the bigger side, but still work perfectly with a wide range of tractors with no issues. The 851 requires 240 HP, while 1051 needs 300 HP. We liked matching them with either a New Holland T8 Genesis or John Deere 9020 Series.

Audio and animations are on point in these grain carts as well. Auger folding both looks and sounds completely realistic. You can hear the cover closing and opening as well.

While there are not many options to customize these grain carts, we have to concede that there isn’t much to upgrade in these carts anyway. You can pick either standard or wide wheels, which should be enough to move around different types of terrain.

J&M 680 Gravity Wagon

  • Manufacturer: J&M
  • Mod by: DinizFarms
  • Price: 18,750
  • Capacity: 24 m3
  • Errors: None

This FS25 grain cart mod is a little bit different. Instead of using the foldable auger to pour out your crop, the J&M 680 uses a chute that’s placed at the bottom.

What does it mean for you and your farming workflow? Well, it means that this cart can’t be used to send your produce to other trailers. But instead, it’s a perfect option for dumping it to the unloading triggers. It’s a different approach, but many might actually prefer it.

Another interesting thing is that this J&M has plenty of customization options. This means custom body, rims, and cover colors. Cover and logo also come with several different options, and if you’re really peculiar, you can even place the warning triangle.

These grain carts are also stackable – meaning you can connect several of them together and pull them with one tractor. As long as you got a monster of an engine up front.

What’s The Difference Between Auger Wagons and Grain Carts?

If you looked around FS25, you probably noticed an unusual thing – grain carts are actually called “auger wagons”. What’s the deal with that?

The answer is simple: an auger wagon and a grain cart is the exact same thing. The only difference is geography. The US and Canada call it a “grain cart.” Europeans, however, call it an “auger wagon.”

Since GIANTS Software is a European company, it makes sense for them to use the regional term. However, still the carts on this list are used in Northern American farming, we will gladly call them grain carts.

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