Farming Simulator 25 Courseplay Mod: Explained

Farming Simulator 25 Courseplay Mod: Explained

What is the Courseplay Mod for FS25?

One mod in Farming Simulator 25 is so powerful, it completely changes the way this game is played. You can already tell from the title of this article – we are talking about the excellent Courseplay mod. It’s one of those mods many players can’t even start a game without – it’s turned into a must-have addition to the game.

The Courseplay mod for FS25 can be best described as a way for you to map and record your routes. You can set your routes manually, just by picking points A and B, and seeing the mod get to work. You can actually ask the mod to simply create a route for you. This way, you don’t have to do the boring work, and get to simply watch your machinery have the best possible route created for them.

When the routes are created, using them is completely simple. Just get some AI workers, and ask them to go through the route created by Courseplay. You can even set how many times exactly that route has to be taken. This takes a lot of guesswork out of your work and makes using AI workers a lot more reliable. Now, if you want to get a job done well, you don’t have to do it yourself.

And what’s even better, there are still plenty of features on this Courseplay FS25 mod that we haven’t talked about. This is an excellent all-in-one tool that takes the tedious work away from you and automates it. Just like that, your Farming Simulator gameplay experience can get a lot more exciting.

Here are some of the examples of how Courseplay can help you work more efficiently:

  • Set up automatic workflows for plowing and cultivating.
  • Move and unload your crops, and unload the harvesters.
  • Work with your grass – raking and baling it.
  • Dealing with your silage – filling up, emptying, and compressing the bunkers.
  • Helping you sell the crops, delivering them from farm all the way to the selling points.
  • Doing seed harvest, sowing, fertilizing, and even picking.

When used well, the Courseplay mod is more than just a basic route mapping add-on: it’s a full-blown personal assistant. Over the years of updates, this mod kept getting better, and now, we can’t imagine playing Farming Simulator 25 without it.

The only thing Courseplay is missing is forestry work – you still have to cut the trees and load the logs all by yourself. But honestly, that’s a very small drawback.

Download and Install Courseplay For Farming Simulator 25

Courseplay has stayed in Beta for a very long time – but now it’s out of Beta mode, and it works extremely well, with little to no bugs. You can download it from many different places now: but the most recent option is always guaranteed to be available in Github.

In order to make sure everything works perfectly well, we recommend checking out the newest comments and updates on the mod’s Github page. That’s because downloading and installing Courseplay on Farming Simulator 25 is a little different, compared to most other mods. We checked it out ourselves, and put together a little tutorial to help everyone out.

This is how you install Courseplay mod on your Farming Simulator 25 game:

  1. Find and download the latest version on the Courseplay mod. Make sure you get a ZIP file. Do not download it directly into your game’s “mods” folder.
  2. Unzip the Courseplay mod folder, using software such as 7-zip or any other archiver.
  3. Open the courseplay-master folder, select all the files, and choose to send them into a compressed folder.

Now, once you have your zipped folder again, change its name. You can call it “FS25_Courseplay”.

Take this renamed folder, and paste it into your FS25 mods folder, which you can find at the directory where all the game files are saved.

Make sure to have the latest version of the mod installed – because of the complexity of this mod, it is very possible that any game updates might have had a negative effect on Courseplay. Getting the latest version makes sure you have the most polished version of the mod.

How to use Courseplay in Farming Simulator 25

Courseplay is an extremely powerful mod, and there is no way to quickly and easily explain its possibilities. Things will change, depending on what you want to do – this mod is a tool, and tools can be used in many different ways.

In order to get all the information about Courseplay, we recommend checking out the information available online – such as the Courseplay manual, created by the Farming Simulator community.

We also recommend checking out videos on YouTube: one of our favorite creators in the FS niche is TheFarmSimGuy, who has an excellent series of guides on how to use Courseplay.


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