FS25: MacDon Pack Review & Info

FS25: MacDon Pack Review & Info

Farming Simulator 25 will release rice cultivation, spinach, and other crops as well as new environments in East Asia, North America, and Central Europe to the family-friendly series game.

Expand your ever-growing farm empire with new animals, production chains, construction missions, and over 400 authentic machines from 150 agricultural top brands.

Enjoy upgraded graphics & physics, making virtual farming more immersive, atmospheric, and relaxing – whether you tackle agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry single-handedly or together with friends in cooperative multiplayer!

MacDon Pack for Farming Simulator 25!

MacDon is happening and for those of you who pre-order any game version of Farming Simulator 25 (PC, PS5, or Xbox,)  you will be getting the MacDon pack with five amazing machines for free!

I’m also guessing that this pack is probably going to be part of a DLC pack or something that you can purchase separately so if you don’t want to pre-order now, but you still want MacDon.

The Canadian manufacturer McDon will change your harvesting performance, with five vehicles and machines included in the MacDon Pack for Farming Simulator 25! You will get the M1240 Windrower, the DX140 & FD140 Headers, the PW8 pickup header, and the R216Sp disc header from the Canadian manufacturer of harvesting equipment.

Everyone who plays Farming Simulator 25 knows that machine specification is super important in the game, so let’s dive into some more details about McDon machines and implements to see what we will have after Farming Simulator 25 is released.

Let’s dig into the M1 series by MacDon.

M1 Series Windrowers continue MacDon’s tradition of bringing harvesting innovation to the field. These all-new Windrowers deliver power, performance, comfort, and speed.

M1 M1240 Windrower Specifications

Engine: Cummins QSB-6.7L 6 Cylinder Tier 4 Final Turbo Diesel (B20 biodiesel approved)
Bateries: 2, 12-volt / 200 A
Front Tread Width: 3449 mm (135.8″)
Rear Tread Width: 2448 – 3856 mm (96.4 – 151.8″)
Wheel Base: 4290 mm (168.9″)
Crop Clearance: 1150 mm (45.28″)
Drive Wheels: 600-65R28 bar or 580-70R26 turf, radial
Field Speed: Up to 29 km/h (18 mph)
Road Speed: Up to 45 km/h (28 mph)
Horsepower: 248 HP
Weight: 6078 kg
Fuel Tank / DEF Tank: 530 L (140 gal) / 28 L (7.5 gal)

OK, the next will be the DX140 Header.

Low-podding, downed, tangled, or lodged crops–whatever the situation, MacDon D Series Draper Headers have always delivered outstanding harvesting performance. Now, you get that same legendary MacDon draper experience super-sized with our all-new D1 Draper Headers.

DX140 Header Specifications

Weight with a single knife drive depends on with if the weight is around 7.6 M – 13.7 M, it will have 2830 kg – 3837 kg.
Knife Type and Speed: Single or double knife (depending on size and application) / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath wobble box(es) / Single knife combine 1050 to 1400 spm, double knife combine 1100 to 1700 spm (speed varies depending on header size, faster knife speed on smaller headers or double knife headers)

Pick-up reel, five or six bats, two-piece (double) or single, flip-over design, cam-leading finger control, Hydraulic, Combine 0 to 67 rpm (varies depending on combine model),  HD plastic, 152 mm (6″) spacing, 279 mm (11″) length

FD140 Headers Specifications

Weight Single Knife Drive With FM100: 3067 kg (6760 lb) – 3733 kg (8230 lb)
Knife Type and Speed: Single or double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath wobble box(es) / 1050 to 1400 spm, varies depending on header size, Pointed DHT (double heat-treated), strong, mud resistant profile.
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / Fingers

PW8 Series Pick-up Header

I’m most excited about or almost most excited about is this guy the PW8 pickup header.

Our engineers worked hard to make the PW8 as user friendly as possible, from easy installation to time saving innovations, it all adds up to harvesting performance you can count on. – says MacDon company

PW8 Pickup Header Specifications:

Overall Width: 5.66 m (18’ 6”)
Weight: 1452 Kg (3200 Lbs)
Effective Picking Width: 4.52 m (14’ 8”) between divider lugs
Overall Depth: 246 cm (96.9”)
Auger Diameter: 61 cm (24”)
Auger Fingers: Factory set for 18, qty to match specific combine feeder house
Auger Speed: 0-200 rpm (Depending on combine model)
Draper Speed: 0 – 163m/min (535ft/min), depending on combine model
Draper Rollers: Large 127 mm (5”) drive and 102 mm (4”) idler roller
Header Float: Spring-Over-Shock System requires no adjustment or lock-out for transport and provides 18 inches of wheel float.

R216Sp disc header

The final header in this pack is the all-new MacDon R2 Rotary Disc Header delivers a Knock-Out performance in a wide variety of crops and conditions.

R2 Rotary Disc Header Specifications

Weight: 2154 kg
Number Of Cutting Discs / Blades: 10 / 2
Power: 174 kW (231 HP)
Cutting Speed: 1800 to 2650 rpm / 301 km/h (187 mph)
Cutting Angle Range: 0-8˚ below horizontal

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