Farming Simulator 25 Harvesting Profit

Farming Simulator 25 Harvesting Profit

How to get the best harvesting profit on FS25

Looking to maximize the money you get from your harvest on FS25? In this article, we’ll take a look at all the processes of caring for your fields – and what effect they have on your final harvest. Here are the main things you should know:


Plowing is one of the key things in the game, done by (we assume) every single player. So, it’s no surprise to see the system fully perfected and no actual changes being done.

Unless you’re growing root vegetables, you need to plow the field three times. For potatoes, sugar cane, sugar beets, and corn, you also need to plow immediately after harvest, or you will lose 15% of your future profits.


Liming is important to balance the pH of your soil: that will be required on most of your crops. When done regularly, this will increase your future yield by around 15%.


Unless you’re allergic to money, fertilization is a yet another very crucial thing you should be doing. Similar to the previous release, in order to increase your yield, fields on FS25 should be fertilized twice a year. Both solid and liquid fertilizers are good options. If you have animals in your farm as well, all types of manure will be suitable for fertilizing as well. If you have a biogas plant, digestate is a byproduct that can also be immediately used as a fertilizer.


It’s important to keep your fields as weed-free as possible. After all, they will take away the precious nutrients from your plants, and can absolutely derail your harvest. To avoid getting your crop getting ruined, use either a harrow or a field sprayer. This way, you will be able to get rid of most weeds.

Alternatively, you can choose to do none of this. With no spraying, your FS25 field harvest will get reduced by around 20%.


Everyone’s favorite yellow-and-black bug can help you pollinate your plants, increasing your overall yield. The entire sector gets a bonus if you simply place a beehouse at the edge of the field. The gains of the yield will depend on the type of crop you’re growing. For example, a beehouse next to sunflowers gets you an extra 5%. Potatoes and rapeseed get a boost of 2-3%.


Mulching is a feature that lets you use the stems and stalk left after your harvest – turning it into a fertilizer that improves the quality of your future yield. After the harvest is done, simply mow down all that remains. Just like that, you will be able to enjoy an around 5% increase next year.


Rolling the soil with rollers right after you’re done with sowing gives it more support and helps improve the seed sprouting rates. According to the latest data, this will give you an around 2.5% increase to your harvest.


This silage additive is used for both animal field and maize. By using it with your machinery, you will get a roughly 5% increase in your harvest.


Stones in your field don’t directly affect your harvest, but the more stones there are in your field, the more your machinery will be affected by them. This means expensive repairs and an overall slower farming process. If you have large fields, consider using machinery that helps remove the stones from the soil.

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