How to buy animals in Farming Simulator 25

How to buy animals in Farming Simulator 25

Farming Simulator 25, as you probably know, is very obviously a farming game. But it’s not just about sowing, growing, and harvesting crops. In fact, if you want to build a successful system and go for long-term success, you also need to grow some livestock as well. However, buying animals and managing a farm can be complicated: especially, if you’re a new player who is just starting out.

Online forums are full of people asking how to buy animals on FS25 – and it’s partly because you can’t just buy animals and put them on the field. First, you will need infrastructure, such as animal pens, so you have a place to keep them.

In order to make animal pens, you will need to go to the build panel, and select pens for the animals you wish to raise. Only then, after you finally have the required buildings, will you actually gain access to buying animals from the dealer.

Of course, you will need different types of stables for different types of animals. As you might imagine, you can’t exactly keep your cows in a chicken coop. And while a flock of hens might quite enjoy a cow barn, it’s not suited for them either. We have discovered a few instances where people have built the wrong type of stable for the animals they wish to grow. If you have a stable but still can’t get the animal that you want, look around: chances are, you might have missed that.

How to buy chickens in Farming Simulator 25

In order to buy chickens on FS25, get the correct pen to keep your chickens in. Then, go to the entrance of that pen, and click on the action button. This will automatically open the shop screen for you to buy chickens.

The action button on PC should be the “R” on your keyboard unless you have made any changes to the controls.

You can use this menu not only to buy new animals but also to sell the existing ones you have – at half the price. This method works on all types of animal pens, and you don’t need anything else, such as a fitting trailer or a vehicle.

That’s about it – this is how you can easily buy animals on Farming Simulator 25.

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