Revealed US Based Map for FS25

Revealed US Based Map for FS25

New information was revealed about the upcoming Farming Simulator 25.  US Based Map was shown in new pictures and to me FS25 looks amazing!

What we know so far, is that we will have 3 maps at the beginning.
– The map of Central Europe will indeed be the Zielonka map already published as DLC in the previous expansion. It will be updated and adapted for FS 25.
– The American map will be shown during FarmCon in July, and the Asian map will only be shown in the fall.

The 3 new cultures

If rice is a new crop in Farming Simulator 25, it indicates that an Asian map will also be included in the basic game!

  • GIANTS also reveals that players can cultivate two types of rice: wet rice and dry rice. The necessary equipment and gameplay needs. Both types of gameplay will be shown at FarmCon.
  • Rice cultivation will be possible on all maps.
  • Farming Simulator 25 already states that spinach will be a new type of crop in FS25. With the FS22 production chain, it is possible that the player can process spinach, for example in cans, and sell it.

New weather system

Farming Simulator 25 gameplay will be changed with weather conditions!  Harvesting can be harder if the storms will come to your fields.  We have built-in seasons in the game and now this weather system will make the gameplay even more realistic to real life. Such as fog can limit your visibility or storms can damage your crops. This features was confirmed already:

  • volumetric fog
  • nicer ambient lighting
  • translucent light effects, so-called “Volumetric lighting”

More animals species

The trailer shows the two water buffalos. Since the animal is shown in such detail, it can be just one thing: a new animal species comes in FS25! However, they could also be animals that stay near the rice fields and can be used to harvest. What is more, I think impossible to keep a production chain for their meat and milk.

Other details

What is more, terrain deformation, graphics, and physics improvements were done to create a realistic game as much as possible.
The most attention received is terrain deformation and it will be detailed at the FarmCon event. Giants preferred to talk about a deformation of the terrain rather than a dynamic terrain, so just wait and we will so how it works in the game.

– Graphical improvements will focus on things such as shadows, climatic effects, fog, sun, and rain.
– Construction missions in the game. If you look closely at screenshots of the American map, you will see not finished silo and need to be rebuilt.
– Amazing collector’s editions for fans! The USB key switch will be made of plastic and will allow the vehicles to be turned on and off. The USB rotating beacon of the FS22 collector will also be compatible.

Motorcycles Aprilia license was confirmed and we will have this vehicle in the game.

US Map for Farming Simulator 25 Released

If you want to know more about the US map in the game, I would recommend you to watch a detailed review of this map by The FarmSim Guy.


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