Farming Simulator 25 Best Cheats and Cheat Codes

Farming Simulator 25 Best Cheats and Cheat Codes

The simulation genre has been growing massively in recent years. And the Farming Simulator series is an excellent choice for anybody looking to test themselves in the world of building and managing your very own agricultural enterprise. The latest entry to the series, Farming Simulator 25 is by far the most advanced such simulator on the market.

In this article, we’ll talk about what it is, how it works, and what you can do to enjoy your farming experience to the fullest, including making use of mods and cheats to grow even quicker.

Incredibly in-depth, and filled to the brim with exciting content, Farming Simulator 25 is the latest FS game. With a massive fanbase and a dedicated modding community, the games of this series are full of helpful tips, smart workarounds, and even plenty of customized merch.

You get to do more than just planting and growing. You get to deal with fertilizing your fields, growing livestock, and managing your very own fleet of machinery. The maintenance tasks mean that you are in control of even such small details, like fueling, leasing, or changing the wheels. Your farm is also more than just a way to get and sell raw materials. You can go as far as making your own products, becoming not an exporter of milk and wheat, but a producer of cheeses and cakes, or even furniture and olive oil. The farm is your oyster, and as you carry on playing, you will end up building several great farms on a variety of different maps, all following their own unique paths.

But a lot of these exciting paths can take up a lot of your time and effort. If you’re interested to see what the game can offer early on, we suggest trying out different mods and cheats this game is famous for. Let’s talk a little bit more about them – and see how these two things make Farming Simulator 25 better.

Farming Simulator 25 Cheats, Codes, and Mods

Farming Simulator 25 is a complicated game, and there is no shame for any player to look for ways to simplify it. You can change a lot, starting with some basic edits, moving all the way to advanced mods or even cheats for getting a lot of money in just a few seconds. Here, we’ll take a look at the options you can take:

Choose the best mods

Most of the Farming Simulator players use mods in one or another way. The game doesn’t forbid that: in fact, it openly endorses mods, and heavily promotes the modding community. There’s even an official in-game ModHub, full of many different free mods, offering add-ons such as gameplay changes, new equipment, or even fan-made maps. There are also a lot of unofficial FS25 mods you can download – and many of them are even better than the ones you find on the game.

Some mods you can find offer you equipment that makes farming more efficient. There are also updates on map, storage, or even control options, that make the gameplay much smoother than the one on the stock game. You can even skip certain gameplay techniques, like finally bidding farewell to sleep, or being able to sell all the items at once, as opposed to selling them one by one.

As you carry on playing FS25, you will end up seeing what things bug you the most, or what changes would you like. When you do, chances are that someone has already made a nice fix. It might be difficult to choose at first, so we recommend starting slow, checking out some of the most popular FS25 mods, before going all-in on the niche stuff.

Also, if you’re a console player, mods will be the only way for you to get the power of cheats on your farm. Most of the cheats use the changes of the gamefiles or console commands, both not possible on either of the top consoles. So, if you’re a console player, mods will be your playground.

Speed Up Your Gameplay

If you don’t feel like doing mods just yet, there are still things you can do to make your gameplay a little bit easier. For instance, there’s a built-in way to see just how much of gameplay hours you will have to take in order for an in-game month to pass.

The default settings will pass at a slow pace of one month a day. Want to spend some time learning everything first? Make it slow down, and learn the basics. Don’t want to wait for hours upon hours to see the results of your hard work? Speed it up, and see the time pass by even quicker than it usually does. Experiment with this feature – it’s a good way to not get overwhelmed.

Console Commands To Get What You Need

Console commands is a powerful tool on Farming Simulator 2025, that lets you make major edits to your save, even as you’re playing the game. With console commands, you can change things up a lot, getting you free money and powerups that make this whole farming thing a lot easier.

Sadly, console commands will only work on a PC. Ironically, consoles will not work here. Same way, the commands will also be disabled if you’re playing game modes such as League, as they can and will give you a massive advantage.

To enable console commands, we recommend using the Steam version of the game. However, other launchers might also work, as long as they let you edit launch options of the game.

Here’s how you can enable console commands on your FS25 on PC:

  1. Find the FS25 game file folder on your PC. By default, it will be where all the games are, on the C drive. Depending on your installation presets it can be different.
  2. On this folder, find a file called “game.xml”, and open it using a simple text edit, like Notepad.
  3. Now, make some changes to this file. We recommend making a copy of the vanilla file and storing it somewhere in case things get messy.
  4. On the game.xml file, use the CTRL+F function, find “<development><controls>false</controls>”, and change it to “<development><controls>true</controls>”. Save the file. This will let you make console command changes.
  5. Go to your Steam app. Find the game, and right-click on it. Choose Properties.
  6. Locate the “Launch Options” section with a text box below it. Type in -cheats. This will activate the console commands on your copy.
  7. Start the game and begin playing. As you play, you can access the console by tapping either a ` or ~ key. Tapping it again will let you enter a command. Tapping it once more will close the console.

There are plenty of helpful commands you can use in order to make your gameplay easier or more fun. Here are some of the best console commands to use on FS25:

  • gsTimeSet (hour number) will switch the time to whatever hour you want. For example, gsTimeSet 12 will transport you to midday.
  • gsTeleport (field number) will send you right into the field that you want to be in.
  • gsMoneyAdd (number) will give you any amount of cash that you need. Type it in without the number, and you’ll get a tidy 10 million!
  • gsPlayerFlightMode will let you to…fly! After this is activated, the J button makes you fly, with Q and E controlling the elevation.

Edit the Files to Get More Money

If you don’t want to go through the work of dealing with console commands, and only want FS25 cheats to get more money, you can simply directly edit your save file. Just like the console commands, this will work for PC players only.

There are plenty of things you can do with the save files, but we’ve been through enough ruined farms to know that it’s best to focus on what matters the most – and that’s the simple and harmless way to get more cash. In order to get more money on your Farming Simulator 25 save, here’s what you should do:

  1. Find your FS25 game file folder on PC. It should be on your C drive, or wherever all your games are downloaded to.
  2. Find the folders named “savegame 1”, “savegame2”, etc. There are your save file slots. I.e. “savegame4” contains whatever save in on your 4th slot.
  3. In this folder, find the file called “farms.xml”. Open it with Notepad, or other simple text editors.
  4. Using a CTRL+F command, search for “money”. You will find a line with some variables, like “loan=”0.000000money=”102035.125000″ loanAnnualInterestRate=”200.000000”
  5. You can get yourself a loan, or change the loan’s interest rates: but the best option is to simply change the “money” part to a number that you want. Make sure to leave the decimals after the dot intact. You’re a millionaire, who cares about pennies?
  6. Save the file, launch the game, and enjoy your easily-gotten wealth.

Farming Simulator 25 Cheats FAQ

You might still have some questions about the Farming Simulator 25 cheats – here we’ll try to answer some of the biggest ones:

Do I need the latest FS25 versions for cheats to work?

You will need the latest version of the game for things such as official mods. However, you will not need the latest version to enable features such as console commands, and editing the game files. Also, some unofficial mods will also work well on older versions as well.

What should you grow if you want to make money without cheats?

The best way to make quick money on your new farm without cheats is to grow grass. The regular grass, of course. It grows fast, takes basically no work to maintain, and sells at a surprisingly good price. If you’re completely new, simply growing grass for a bit is a good way to learn the basics and get some extra resources to move on to other, more exciting farming ventures.

What cheats should I use to get money on the console version of Farming Simulator 25?

You can’t use features like console commands and save game editors on the console, so the traditional methods won’t work. However, you will be able to use mods in order to get more money for your farm. There are plenty of mods to choose, such as Government Subsidy, which lets you choose from two different types of cash injections. You will be able to find mods on the game’s official ModHub.

Farming Simulator 25 Mods

Best Farming Simulator 25 Mods

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