Cheats for Farming Simulator 25 – Guide for PC and Console

Cheats for Farming Simulator 25 – Guide for PC and Console

Farming Simulator 25 is the latest entry of the wildly popular simulator game series. As expected, this simulator is even more realistic than ever before, offering an in-depth depiction of what it’s like to work at and manage your very own farm. But, realism comes at a price – for many players, both beginners and more experienced, this game can still get seriously difficult.

It can be difficult to see all the exciting techniques the game has to offer, when you have to fight for your life just to stay afloat. Which is why it’s a great idea to always know a cheat or two that can make your life a little easier, and let you explore the game at your own pace.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the available cheats on Farming Simulator 25, such as the money cheat – as well as see what options are available for both PC and console players.

Farming Simulator 25 Cheats for PC

The PC version of the game is famously very easy to edit. Options for scripting and other such features make it very cheat friendly. You can edit just about anything about your game, and there are a lot of workarounds. In fact, more experienced coders can easily make some homemade cheats of their own.

You can use FS25 console commands to change your save as you play, giving you plenty of money, change time, or even get the ability to fly.

There is also an option to go a bit more simple, and just edit your FS25 save file, which can get you a lot more money: the biggest superpower you can have when running a business.

This is exactly the option we’re going to talk about right here. Let’s take a look at the most simple FS25 PC money cheat, and how to use it:

Farming Simulator 25 Money Cheat for PC

The money cheat is the most popular cheat on FS25 – this is unchanged for pretty much every single version of the game. When running a farm, a bottomless wallet solves just about any problem you could possibly have. This money cheat is popular, because you don’t need to download anything. All you have to do is to make a few edits on your existing save file.

First up, have your game save nice and ready. It can be a fresh new game – but you need to have it created.

Once that is done, you will need to go to the folder where all of your game files are located. This is usually found on the main drive, where you’ll find a folder called “farmingsimulator25”. After opening it, you will find folders of your saved games. They will be numbered, referring to the slot in your game. So, if your save is in slot number 3, the folder you’re looking for will be called “savegame3”.

Open it, and look for a file called “farms.xml”. Right-click it, and choose to access it with a simple text editor, such as Notepad.

Then, search for the line called “money”. You will see something like “money=150000.000”. Change the number before the decimal dot to a sum you wish to have, i.e. “money=1000000.000”. Save the file, and restart your FS25 game.

Now, your new save should have turned you into a millionaire!

Aside from editing your game console and save files, there are some other good cheats to get money as well. They can be found in ModHub, and can be accessed as separate mods.

For example, if you want a mod that lets you add money manually, and even works on the multiplayer mode, we recommend checking out Money Tool MP V1.0. By simply using the CTRL+ALT+0 shortcut, you’ll get an instant infusion of 10 million dollars.

The same shortcut works on the FS25 Money tool mod as well, giving you 1 million every time you type in CTRL+ALT+0. In order for either of these mods to work in the Multiplayer mode, first you need to be joined into a farm.

In fact, mods are the best way to use cheats on Farming Simulator 25, if you don’t play the game on PC. This is what the next part of this article is about.

Farming Simulator 25 – Cheats for Console

The classic PC cheats for Farming Simulator 25 don’t work on Xbox or Playstation: that’s because consoles don’t let you run your own commands or edit save files. However, there are still some ways you can use cheats – by using mods!

Mods, created by a massive FS25 modding community, offer you a way to alter your gameplay. Some of them act exactly like cheats – because all things considered, that’s exactly what they are.

All you have to do is to go to the game’s ModHub, which is a gateway to reach many licensed FS25 cheats. For example, the Government Subsidy mod can easily get you up to 100 million dollars every year, trying to justify the reason why your farm suddenly got very rich. It’s one of the most popular mods out there.

In order to find out which mods to download, all you have to do is to go to the top menu of FS25, and search for what you need. Even if you don’t find the exact mod you’re looking for, the search system is robust enough to give you something similar. You can find mods on our website, too – from money infusions to unlimited tools, super powerful vehicles, or straight-up superpowers – there’s plenty to choose from!


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