Farming Simulator 25: How to Buy Seeds and Grow Plants

Farming Simulator 25: How to Buy Seeds and Grow Plants

Good strategy is incredibly important for your Farming Simulator 25 gameplay. By planning well, you can work on several different tasks at once and have a well-functioning farm. One of the first things you need to do is to buy seeds. This makes sense – after all, this is an agricultural simulator, and there’s plenty of focus on planting seeds, growing your plants, and harvesting them for profit.

While seeds are not the only option to grow plants, seeds are obviously the best option for many of the crops. Once you figure out exactly what you’re looking to grow, here’s how you can do it:

In order to buy seed on Farming Simulator 25, go to your Shop. Choose “Objects”, and select “Big Bags”. This is where all of your seeds will be.

How to do sowing and planting

Depending on the type of plants you’re looking to grow, you will do either sowing or planting. They are very easy tasks to do, because they’re very simple and rewarding tasks to pull off. And there’s not much room for failure, so complete beginners have no issues, too.

But there are still a few things to keep in mind, such as the correct tools you need to have for planting and sowing different types of plants. Here’s where you can find the tools you’ll need for the most popular cultures on FS25:

  1. Tools that you need for trees and poplars are all in the “Forestry Equipment” category.
  2. If you’re looking to grow grass, rapeseed, oats, wheat, rye, oilseed, or soybean, you’ll find the tools in the “Seeders” category.
  3. Tools for growing corn, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower, or soybean are all available in the “Planters” category.
  4. Finally, for growing sugarcane, potatoes, or beets, you will find them in each of their specific category (“Sugar cane/Potato/Beet technology”).

Whichever culture you’re looking to grow, there’s one more thing to keep in mind. Before you start, fill up your tools from the pallets, and you’ll see the grains as you start the cultivation process.

Monitoring your fertilizing process

Fertilizing is one of the most important things in your entire Farming Simulator 25 growing process. It’s also completely tied up with the planting and sowing process, as the best time to fertilize your fields is just before you start getting the seeds into the ground. Of course, you will also need to fertilize your fields at least two times.

If done well, fertilizer can become an absolute game changer, massively increasing your profits. These are the main things you should know about fertilizing your fields.

  1. Loose and artificial fertilizers will work best for you if you’re looking for a fast and cheap way to care for your fields. Significantly less expensive than alternative options, it’s also much faster to complete. The gains might not be quite as good, but it’s the least you should do.
  2. Liquid fertilizers are available at the shop, but they’re significantly more expensive. However, you can’t argue with the results – they are incredibly effective. If you’re growing a more expensive culture and have enough leftover funds, they’re a wonderful option to pick.
  3. Digestate is the way to create fertilizer out of nothing but the grass on your fields. It’s very simple: all you have to do is to pile up your grass. In time, it will ferment, creating a mass you can use to fill up your slurry tanks.
  4. Slurry and manure comes from cows and pigs, and many players grow these animals just for this specific purpose. You will need more than animals to fertilize your fields with slurry and manure, as you will also require specific machines. They’re pretty expensive, but can pay back for themselves over several years.

Finally, there’s one more wildcard option you can use to help improve the growth rate on your fields. We recommend planting oilseed radish on your fields. This only requires buying some oilseed radish seeds, making it a cheap and effective option. But of course, that will require a little more of your time.

Hopefully, the guidelines on this article will help you to sow and fertilize your fields, bringing you amazing results. There are plenty of different options you can choose: and we can’t offer you one specific way that works for everyone. This is what makes Farming Simulator 25 great – your options are virtually endless. Pick your favorite way to play, and get to it!

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